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Please can some one help me? i have got 18 bearded dragon eggs being incubated @ 87Fo they are now on day 52 of incubation, 1 of the eggs started to hatch yesterday at 1:52pm it was wriggling quite a lot and then stopped for a few hours n then was making small movements in the egg at 1am i checked again today and there was no movements, i was told off admin on another bearded dragon site that i should help it out just peel the egg back very gently being careful not to damage the yolk sac, so i peeled the egg back and the baby had managed to turn around in the egg after it had made the rip thats the only thing i can think it must have done as it's legs are still tucked underneath it, i was told to stop if the egg moved but it didn't and hasn't moved since, it is fully formed from what i can see. i have left the egg still attached underneath along with the yolk sack, the baby hasn't moved and is just looking lifeless. is it dead? is there any thing i can do to see if it's alive? this is my first ever clutch (unexpected) we have already lost 4 eggs during incubation. i just want to try and save this little 1, please so if any 1 can help me i would really appreciate it, the yolk is still there and is huge the sac is slowly disappearing the dragon has not even opened its eyes. so any 1 please please please :help:



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87ºF is really hot and the eggs probably could have used a little more development time. If there is still a big yolk sac that you can see, then the baby died and didn't absorb it. Any time I can see a the yolk thru the egg, I know it's not alive. It most likely drown in the egg and couldn't get it's head out to breathe. This is fairly typical when the babies are too small. Keep checking your eggs for tiny slits and open them up all the way or enough to get the head out next time. This will not hurt or kill a baby that is healthy, if it's dead or dies it would have anyways. I've opened up over due eggs thinking something went wrong and watched babies start to breathe immediately in my hand.
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