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PLEASE HELP Adenovirus and supplimentation


New member
I recently had a 1 year old dragon pass from fatty liver disease and had coccidia that would not clear due to An adenovirus infection. I have tested my two others and they both test positive. I have an 8 month old and about a 4.5 year old who has always had immune and breathing issues requiring nebuluzation multiple times daily with f10, just to get by with or without RI. He is on cipro and prednisone and boycox for a RI and the coccidia now and has green diarrhea like my other has just before passing away . I am looking into suppliments to help with immunity support and liver cleansing, but I am unsure how much milk thistle to give or dandelion root and how often. Also, what else can be given to help his liver. He is fed omnivore care and fresh greens via syringe since he quit eating 4 years ago. There is only 1 exotic vet here and they know nothing about supplements or antivirals being tested. Does anyone know a good regimen to help these two with thier adv battle? I am terrrified my 4 year old is going to pass soon with no help. Please help me with any information or similar problems. I greatly appreciate it.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

How are things coming along with the supplementation? I know we have messaged back &
forth but let me know if you have more questions on supplements, etc.

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