My beardie is about 7 months, I think. i purchased him from Petsmart and I’m finding them to not be helpful at all. To be honest I think they have no idea when it comes to how to take care of the pets they sell. Anyways my beardie is very excitable. He must love to be held. Every time I take him out of his tank he wants to climb and run all over me. Does this slow down as they get older? Recently I have been trying different tactics with him. Now I’m trying to get him to lay down next to me and cuddle. He seems to like doing this quite often. It used to be that every time I took him out he would literally find a way to poop on me, but I want to thank you. Somebody suggested to use a towel when I held him and it actually works. Now he’s not doing it to me every time I pick him up. This site is an excellent way to get feedback from people who really care and have experience with dealing with beardies so I want to thank you for all of your help.

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Your beardie will calm down some as it gets older, most of them love to cuddle up next to your neck or on your shoulder.


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unless you find one of the rare people that actually know dragons and happens to work there, the people at petsmart have no clue what they are talking about. did you get one of the starter kits from them? if so, the majority of it is junk. has anyone gone over lighting and temps with you yet? we can help you make sure those are on point. lighting and temps are the MOST CRUCIAL part of a healthy dragon.

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They love to climb around & run around when they are younger. Eventually he will calm down a little
more as he gets older. It is nice though to see them be active but hang in there, he will most likely
mellow out some.


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