Pale Head?? and Humidity Issue

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Hello I have a male beardie coming up on a year in August, I have recently moved from West virginia to the Delaware shore and I am experiencing higher humidity, it went from lo to about 50% I have not changed his set up at all, 70 ish cool side and 100 give or take a few on the basking side with a Reptisun 10.0 18 inch tube. I cannot get the humidity any lower then mid 40's I have taken his water bowl out and given him water outside his tank and misted his greens. I am having an issue with the landlord and getting the AC fixed so that might help but any suggestions for humidity would be good.
The other issue is his head color, I have seen his head be pale back in WV but its like getting more pale the more I am on the shore, I have been away for a few days and my roomate has been feeding him but now that I am back I am concerned. His lights are on timers so no issues with lights not being on, he gets kale and plenty of crickets gut loaded and dusted. His behavior seems normal he just looks pale only on his head like he wants to shed but it wont come off. Also he is shedding in parts instead of all at once? I havent noticed that before just wanna check on it. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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When they get older they tend to shed in parts, a leg here, beard there. baths will help the shed along, maybe a picture would help??


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