Over Deworming?

So I've been thinking about parasites. If I suspect that my bearded dragon has parasites(I know that they naturally have low levels) can I administer home treatment? Is it possible to OVER deworming a bearded dragon?. I've been looking at dewormers on amazon and would like to have some on hand for if/when I need it. Also could he eat the occasional wild bug outside if hes dewormed regularly?


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You can overmedicate sure, with deworming. A lot of people do a general deworming a couple
of times per year, as a preventative. As long as it is dosed properly then it is usually fine for them.
We normally are very careful about letting them eat bugs from outside especially in cities simply
due to chemicals or pesticides. A rogue bug now & then is ok.
A deworming would help keep the levels in check.


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