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Other Eye Issues


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Our bearded dragon has been getting goopey eyes and sometimes they dry closed. We have been bathing him twice a week, have a humidifier in his room (it stays between 40% and 60%), and have a water bowl in his enclosure. When his eyes dry closed, I put a wet compress on them and they eventually are able to open.

I took him to the vet and they told me that he had likely had a bad shed and had an eye infection. I gave him the drops faithfully twice a day for 14 days as instructed as well as giving him a salt water wash in between eye drops (also suggested and provided by the vet). It has done nothing for his eyes.

He gets multi vitamins and calcium powder a couple times a week. I was reading that it could be related to vitamin A deficiency and so have been giving him carrots and pea baby food as he is also not eating. Is he missing a nutrient?

He randomly eats the odd super worm and horn worm. He will not eat any raw vegetables. He used to love his kale and collard greens.

He has a UVA and UVB bulb above his enclosure, a heating pad under a rock on his warm side which stays at 90 degrees and a ceramic lamp on that side to make sure it stays warm when he is not sitting on the rock and is in hammock. The room is 75 degrees.

Any ideas of what else he is missing or what we can do for him?

He is 6 to 7 years old we believe as we adopted him and that was the information we were given. We have had him a year and he was doing quite well until the eye issues started happening about 2 -3 months ago.

Is it an eye disease? Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Your UVB is a what? A MVB ? a tube fixture or a coil? Please get rid of the heat rock they are too risky for burns - he needs a basking bulb that keeps temps to 95-110 taken w / a digital probe thermometer and you dont not need extra heat at nite if the temp is not falling below 65--- dragons like it cool and dark to sleep it metabolizes their system
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