Oliver and the Outside.

Oliver: This is unacceptable. Hooman! Servant!
Me: You rang?
Oliver: Yes, (Rubbing up against the side of the tank) I can't get out! This cursed invisible barrier will not allow me to... Eh... pass.
Me: Oh, you want out? (Hooman reaches in to pick him up.)
Oliver: NO! I want to push my way through the invisible barrier.
Hooman: Oh. Okay. (Leaves cage door open)
Oliver: (Continues to glass surf for several more minutes before he reaches the open front of the cage. His claws slip passed and his head pops out into the open.) See! Ha I told you my magical dragon fire powers were going start coming around! Soon I will have the dragon breath!
Hooman: Yes. You are mighty and powerful. (Reading the newspaper)
Oliver: Yes. Yes I am. Is the other room door open? Cause you know i'm going to go to the other room door crawl under and go to that window so it would just be better if the door was open.
Hooman: Yes. The door is open.
Oliver: (Zooooms!) (Inches covered in a matter of minutes on the hardwood.) I'm so fast nothing can catch him! (Zooom)
Hooman: The window is open too. You can set on the screen.
Oliver: The what is open?"
Hooman: ... ... The Window. The looky outty hole.
Oliver: ... ... ... ... IT OPENS! (Zooms in to the spare room sliding like a sports car in a movie hitting carpet and going right to the window.)
Several Seconds Later....
Oliver: HOOOOMAAAANNNN! It's a thing! Outside! It's a thing!
Hooman: What did it look like.
Oliver. Daisy! I looked like Daisy!
Hooman: It probably was Daisy the hell hound.
Oliver: She's on the outside outside.
Hooman: Yes. She goes out there to bark at the neighbors chickens and to poop. Pee she seems to think is optional.
Oliver: She gets to go to the outside outside without you?
Hooman: Yeah. She's got a what we call a dog run.
Oliver: I require a Dragon Run.
Hooman: Yeah, there is no such thing.
Oliver: Please. I love you...
Hooman: Oh... oh I love you too buddy let me see what I can do. (50 dollars on amazon and several days later)
Oliver: I'm in the outside outside without being held by my Hooman. Look I have things to climb on. Weeee! I'm fre.... What is that... omg! What is that! Ahhhhhhh! Hooman!
Hooman: (Reading a book outside) Its a Robin.
Oliver: I don't like this... Take me inside.
Hooman: *Sigh*


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I got Oliver from RedSky Reptiles. He hatched right around the same time I took Phira to get his Dragon Wings. :( I took it as a sign.


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Yeah. He is the Dragon in my Profile Pictures. I used to write stories for him like I do Oliver, but Phira had a much more... Uppity personality. Oliver is more of a goofy playful guy. It's harder to write stories for him, because he's more fun loving.

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