Oh good grief...

Rocky is truly going to hate me. He's been up all day- we've been having fun. I am waiting on Amazon to drop the second lounge off, however, he's still stuck on this one. It's positioned towards the back of the enclosure and I think I need to move it because I thought he had a black beard.

I figured the temp was off (despite the temp reading correctly)- Brave me, despite the beard- decided to get Rocky out and assess the situation. Rocky was pulling one way, me another- I didn't care as this is a health issue.

Rocky was happy. At least he thought it was a game because his beard had that yellow glow- Oh Rocky!!

And newbies, this is why I say have patience- I am almost 1 year in and still freaking out FOR NO REASON. This is probably why Rocky keeps "brumating."

Holding my head in shame...
Day 2 of the year - (how many days this year will I freak out)-
New years resolution: KEEP CALM!


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Update: Rocky and I spent most of the day together yesterday. Of course, I was on cloud 9. I watched Rocky turn his lightness of happiness and tap on the glass wanting to get out but I made him bask. Rocky still isn't eating so I knew a nap was soon to come but I was okay.

After hours, I saw that he wanted to go to the window despite it being a dreary day. I let him go to his "spot." I put his new lounger in his enclosure that is humungous, and it took me 10 minutes to hang. Rocky prefers the smaller one and is not impressed but I am leaving it up because he can basically walk all over the place on it-
I digress....

Anyways, I placed Rocky on the floor. Rocky stood tall on his 4 little legs (aww my baby) and looked like an man? An adult as he strutted to the window. See, Rocky is spoiled and will spread out on all fours to see if I will pick him up.
Nope, I want to see that waddle run!:love::LOL:

I then had to leave the room and I know Rocky...he was going to jump down. I placed pillows all around him and put the ramp for him to climb back into his enclosure. Well he jumped but like old times, hid under his enclosure. Same ole Rocky. But guess who didn't scream...ME- I saw a CENTIMETER of his tail, but I knew exactly where he would go. Look at me accomplishing my new years resolution.

So at this point, it's about noon and I decide to work since my workday starts at 8:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: but since Rocky was laying there, not only did it mean he wanted in the enclosure, I had to see if he was hungry.
I say, "bugs"-
Rocky responded. I said, "Rocky don't make me go down these 2 flights to get these bugs like you make me do only not to eat."
I go get the bugs-
Rocky- turns heads
Me- a sucker, I mean frustrated!
Rocky then looks up and down at the light, I check the temperatures, he's fine. But he wants the light off so he can go to sleep.
I return the bugs and come up to him scratching....he's under the hide. I confess. I pull him out, hug him (I didnt say hug)- and then he wouldnt go back in the enclosure. I even put him in the hide. He came out, light colored and banged on the glass.
I then had to lay down on the bed, get his bed (but I got the cat bed since it is dark inside)- played sleep and Rocky scratched and has been asleep ever since.
Whew this was a lot to type this morning, LOL.
I like the cat bed better than the dog bed because I could use my phone, etc and not disturb him with my light.

Well, Rocky will probably be back in about a week or so.
Love on your beardies for me.


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Your stories are always entertaining 🙂 it makes me feel good to know other people are as crazy about their beardies as i am 😁

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