Odin's Thread 04-09-12

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I am not 100% sure.

But I do know the last time Me and Michael weighed/measured Kiki and Odin, they were literally the same length and maybe a 2gram difference in weight.

I love looking at the pictures and seeing how much he has changed. I'm new to beardies so I would never guessed that he would have turned orange judging by his baby pics. His colors are stunning!
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I just set Swordtail's timer for his bath and paused it so I could actually fill his soaking bowl up and he crawled over my phone and canceled the timer 🤣
Mirage came out of brumation on April 26. He was doing great. On May 2 he started acting funny. We just redid his tank, and he keeps going into one of his hides. He just lays there. He shows no intrest in food. HELP!
is tape safe for fixing something in my leopard geckos hide?
Day 3 of brumation. It's a struggle. I really miss my little guy. 😔
Mirage entered brumation yesterday, I'm gonna miss hanging out with my little guy.

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