Not pooping. Brumation help?

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My Dragon is a year and a half and he hasn't pooped in about a month now.
He has never liked pooping in his tank, and during Summer he would go out side and poop everyday. Since it's winter I haven't been able to take him outside to poop.

I was able to get him to poop during car rides for a bit, but now he won't even go in the car.

I don't think it's possible he's impacted, as he's only been eating soft bodied hornworms or butterworms a few times a week and his tank is tiled. I know they slow down in Winter, his eating habits have, and he hasn't been basking much at all.

He sits in his ham mock the majority of the time right now taking naps.

His basking temps are about 102
And we have a repti sun 10.0 uvb light, that is still good, I have a solar meter and check it often.

I've tried baths, I even bought artificial grass for inside but nothing seems to be working. I worry it's not healthy for him to have food in his stomach for this long.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Sometimes they go that long but it's often related to brumation or a semi brumation/slowdown period. How is his weight holding up? I'd try offering him drops of water on his nose to keep him hydrated to help him pass anything in his system more easily. If his weight is steady I wouldn't force any food on him for now though. If his weight is dropping significantly then there could be an underlying health issue and a visit to the vet is probably warranted.


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I just weighed him and he was 458 around sept/Oct and now he is 434. Is that ok? Or is that too much weight lost?

I have been giving him water every few days, I read that canned pumpkin and olive oil could help get things moving? Is that something you would advise I try, or just keep giving him baths instead.

Also should I stop offering food until I see he's more active again?

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That's not bad in terms of weight loss across that amount of time. Hopefully the increased temps and long daylight should wake him back up soon. I'd just keep up with water for now until he becomes a bit more active and then start easing back into a normal diet with lots of veges. The pumpkin, olive oil, and baby food applesauce are all good options for helping with impaction but I don't think impaction is the issue here and adding more to his gut may be counterproductive at the moment.
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