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My Bearded Dragon Tengu has not been eating his Dubia Roaches lately, But still eats his vegetables which consist of salad green and rocket. He's still been having a poo every 2 days now since he has stopped eating his Roaches!

I'm starting to get worried, I thought it would blow up but it hasn't. I breed my own Dubia Roaches to feed him and he has been eating them for a while until a week ago..

It is 40-42 Degrees celcius on his basking spot,
20-30 degrees on the cool side depending on the day! I don't have a second lamp in there...

Exo-Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Tube 48in x 1in 40W is the UVB I'm currently using ,D3+ (12%) Reptile Lamp 48 x 1inch 36W Is my spare UVB

Does anyone have any suggestions? He's lost a bit of weight!


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hi mrplant,

how old is your beardie?
when was the last time you changed out the uv bulb (should be every 6 mos or so?
Have you tried a variety of bugs (like hornworms, supers, etc to mix it up a little?
when was the last time you had a fecal check?
how much weight has he lost and over what period of time?

its hard to figure out sometimes why they quit eating, but you may be able to rule some things out.

fecal may identify parasites, which can affect appetite. should be treated with meds if severe.
old uv bulb may not stimulate appetite (check your temps too)
sometimes they get bored eating same thing everyday.
sometimes its their age, time of year - he might be thinking about brumating - mine did it over the summer, didnt hardly eat a bug for four months then started eating like a horse again. she was a year old when she did that. she lost 30 grams over 6 months and gained almost all of it back over this past month.


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Thanks for the reply.

Tengu is around 6months old.
Last time the UV bulb was changed was around 3 months ago when I moved back home.
He use to eat crickets/phoenix worms but when i bought dubia's he loved them! So i stuck to the dubia's n have a colony now.
Never had a fecal check.
A few grams, around 3-5 over a month i believe. Still eats a lot of his veg though!

If he had parasites then surely he wouldn't be eating any of his veg either?
I thought maybe he is going to become brumation...
He is scratching a lot at his tiles lately! He still moves around like mad and loves coming out of the vivarium. Currently running around atm..

Not to sure if it's a problem or he's just going through a stage!


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he's kinda young to be brumating...

since you never had one, i would recommend a fecal check just to be sure. its great that he eats his veggies! id also offer some variety on the bugs, they can get bored sometimes with the same thing.
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