NO NO NO don't get a beardie!

Going to the story with Rocky draws a lot of attention. Rocky puts me in a chokehold, they never see his face but @Karrie recommends natural sun so this is how I get him out. A 10 minute errand takes 30 minutes but it's been depressing lately. Many people ask questions and I constantly find myself telling people that they are not ready to get a dragon.
- no they can't just play in grass
- no they can't eat bugs outside
-no they can't drink water like a dog
- no, no, no
I take so much time to educate but I truly hope that it's making a difference. I walk away wondering how many people buy animals (beardies PLUS more) that they aren't ready for. Please know that I had no idea what I was getting into with Rocky but I was and I am willing to put in the work. When I push further about how you can't leave them alone for days, their nose turns up. Kids tell me how their friends have one and "swing them by their tail"- I would tell them to call them on their phone so I can tell them to stop it immediately!
It's just too much for me.
I ran into a girl about 10 who knew sooooooooo much. It touched my heart. She took pictures with Rocky and everything! Her mother was petrified. But 3 stepa later, I run into someone else with zero knowledge. If you have the willing to learn, so be it but they think beardies are a toy!
THEY ARE NOT TOYS- yes they look cool, yes they are different but they are a lot of work!
They are unique- they live a long, healthy life if we are lucky and I obviously take this personal.
I think I want to set up shop like a petting zoo let them get their feels then leave....okay we know that's too many hands on Rocky but you get what I am saying.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

By the way, Rocky had sleepies in his eye today?~ I thought it was shed. I got it out but that was new. (I didnt want to start a new post to tell you such an important fact):ROFLMAO: He closed his eye on me at least 40 times but I got it!

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I try to educate people every chance i get to. Your right it is daunting, but ifvwe save just one beardie from neglect its worth it. It's up to us to be their advocates. They solution to ignorance is education. Keep up the good work 🙂

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