New pet Gecko ( G.Dubia ) hatchling

kingofnobbys Sicko
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CooperDragon":3uyf3dt4 said:
I'd be hesitant to handle them much either given how small they are. Were you able to tempt them back with some of the new bugs?

No .

Not that I tried either. Happy enough to have them living with us.

Might spot a baby eastern water skink or delicate garden skink when we start planting some of the seedlings into the raised bed and adopt it if I can catch it easily . Feed it up those tiny crickets and then decide if I'll release it when the warm weather returns.
Been a few skinks showing up outside when it's sunny.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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We currently have (heard this evening) and near as we can determine from where the churps are emanating from
> at least two in the Kitchen - dining area.
> one maybe two in the study
> one in the bathroom under the bath-shower ensemble ( ants have returned in last week or so under the front edge , and it'll be eating these I think ).
> one in the main bedroom behind the walldrove.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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My wife has had another encounter with a resident gecko in our kitchen, opened an under bench cabinet door to take out the crockpot to do a slow roasted chicken and was greeted by the now fully grown Godzilla (?) curled up under it and staring back up at her.

Retreated further back when she stooped down to take the crockpot out and under / behind the other kitchen gadgets in and out of view.
So the gecko is doing nicely fending for himself in the kitchen.

Might have been the female , as we hear churp churp churp most evenings and in G.Dudia the females are the chatty ones.

CooperDragon Sicko
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Does she mind having them in the kitchen? I remember your dragons used to like exploring the kitchen cabinets as well.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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CooperDragon":bnrwbk9x said:
Does she mind having them in the kitchen? I remember your dragons used to like exploring the kitchen cabinets as well.

My wife has banned the dragons from the kitchen - for that very reason ( we put a long skinny box down as a barrier for when the bluetongues and beardies are on the floor , not much of an obstacle as Caesar has been known to simply climb over it ) .
Especially since we moved the plates from the top shelf to the floor shelf in the S corner cabinet ( after an incident when one of the shelf pins ( that turned out being made of plastic !! - I thought they were simply plastic coated ) sheared off and we ended up with all the heavy crockery on the floor. Since replaced all these elcheapo shelf pins with stainless steel ones , but still safer having the heavy crockery on the bottom shelf ( more space there too ).

The geckos must be having a convention in the study as they've been churping off and on all afternoon at my wife who's in there doing some craft stuff .

The geckos are small enough to crawl into the corner cabinets through the little gap in the middle of the bifold corner cabinet doors , the visiting water skinks do the same thing when they take up residence .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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That resident gecko definitely likes than corner under bench cabinet , been spotted again at lunchtime when the door was opened to take out the bread board.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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We have some baby geckos in the kitchen underbench cabinets , my wife spotted a one ( tinyweeny hatchling when she opened the corner door this afternoon ).'

I guess they really like living inside our house if they are breeding.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Here's the big kitchen gecko

( well one of them , baby geckos seen ==> there is at least two adults in residence ) , found her on the kitchen floor very slow and limp , still breathing and when I touch the legs , she moves them, and so we put her in a tub , to let her settle and keeping it in a tub overnight for observation.

Not heard the churps for a couple nights , and no churps to night , so she's the one who's been chatting in the kitchen.

Not holding out much hope with this one .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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CooperDragon":7a6zpo1h said:
That's too bad =( I wonder what happened.

I think either
> overheated ( showed up while wall oven was preheating )
> or accidentially stood on maybe (no sign of injuries though)
or just very old.

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Gecko has been churping in study and in master bedroom again . Another adult female as it's churp- churp , churp - churp - churp and 4 churps in quick succession , males are less vocal one or two churps and differemt pattern .

Wife saw the wild bluetongue staring at her from under the house today and heard some skinks scurry away from her , warm day today so the wild skinks were out to bask .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Music to my ears -- chirp chirp chirp coming from somewhere in the kitchen / dining room just now :) .

We have a vocal kitchen gecko who's chatty again.

The chatty gecko /s in the study and bedroom have been chirping this afternoon and tonight as well.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Plenty of chirping going on it kitchen & study today.

My wife also spotted a baby eastern water skink peeping out from under the green waste recycling bin this morning and it's mum wasn't far away .
Will be setting up a little pond and feeing station for the little family of water skinks .

The geckos seem to be doing OK inside without any intervention from us.

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