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I am doing some research before i get my beardie and i wanted to know roughly how much u guys spend on one per month, how many crickets do they eat a week and which powders do u use and how much do they cost? i know the initial cost of it all its just these costs i want to find out.




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Depends on how old your beardie is and where you get your products from. I get my cricktes from It's free shipping for me in MI. I spend about $30 a month on crickets, but I sometimes mix in some other feeders. The herpavite vitamins that I use cost $7. The rep-cal calcium costs about $8. They last for quite a while too. If you're keeping crickets, then you're need to get cricket food from the petstore. It's packed with calcium. The cost of the cricket diet and the thirst quenchers (how the crickets get their liquid) cost about $13 all together. The lasts quite a while too. Also you need to buy an enclosure for the crickets too. I use a 8.5 gallon rubbermaid tub that I got for $7.50.

My dragon is 6 mo old. If your is younger, you'll definitely be spending more.


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Well from a South African point of view here is what I spend..
I have 3 adult beardies in 3 separate vivs..
All 3 dont eat crickets..
They get superworms which I order from
They each get 4 a day which works out to about 360 supers a month.. I buy them in 500s for R300.
They do get silkworms in summer.. Prices vary. And I buy phoenix worms from pet shops every now and then for variation.
Every day they get a big bowl full of endive, butternut and snap peas.. This costs about R50 every 2 weeks..
Calcium - I have about 5 different brands.. Prices vary.. Multi vitamins are the same.. You are looking at anywhere form R50 - R100+ per bottle..
I buy their UVB globes from too.. I either buy the repti sun 10 (R460) or the Solar Glo MVB (R505).. I replace them every 6 months..
Do yourself a favour and look at They are really cheap and have alot of variety.. You can oder your crickets, supers, roaches, phoenix worms through them too.. They are situated in Edenvale


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Cool thanks Taryn I bought 2 Beardies from the JHB Expo and so far i am having great fun with them rather different to what i am used to (boas) but even the missus is on board with me with her own little beardie.


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Ah I'm glad!
The baby beardies at the expo were soooo cute.. It was hard to resist buying one!
Enjoy them cos they groooow too fast!


I think the largest expense for me are the superworms and crickets, but I have discovered veggies that my dragons WILL eat (They mostly wasted their salad before!) I buy frozen diced vegetables (the 1kg packets that we eat) and remove a few every evening to thaw in the fridge. In the morning I add a teaspoonful of Purity first food for babies (either pears, apples, butternut or carrots...sometimes a mixture - never mixed veg because it contains onion) The Purity keeps the veggies moist. Velcro LOVES this.. I feed it to her with a teaspoon and she attacks it as if she is fighting with prey! She prefers to pick out the carrots and beans, but eats the peas and corn if she has to! Originally i plonked a superworm and a cricket in the mix to encourage her to eat her veggies...I think she expects them to be hiding somewhere in her bowl now, so ocassionally I add one or two!!!

Sometime during the day we walk in the garden and she "picks" her own greens: she loves the flowers on the pawpaw trees...and the odd snail that lives around the pawpaws as well :puke: She eats dandelion flowers and the leaves (so for once I am pleased about weeds in my lawn :D ) and the nasturtium leaves and flowers are also popular. ... so are the honeysuckle and grenadilla plants...Velcro always looks so proud of herself when she has picked her own food in the garden! The other day a HUGE praying mantis became a value-added snack. I was surprised that she managed to eat the WHOLE thing, boney legs and all.
When we buy plants from the nursery, we always choose edible types whenever possible - because of our beardies :mrgreen:

It can cost a forune to keep a beardie, but it need not!


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i`m from pta and bought my beardie 4mnths ago he initially ate only crickets and mealworms,i tried veggies like babymarrows,carrots,pansies etc.He loves lettuce & rocket,he also eats dill but i`m not surev if this is good as it makes his tummy runny so i stopped giving it daily & only give it as a snack. He absolutely loves mealworms and will klimb into the container to get to them. :blob5: it doesn`t matter how much he costs me a week,the pleasure of having him snap a cricket or mealworm out your hand and falling asleep on your shoullder looking like a dinner plate makes it worth it. Wally costs me approx R120-00 p/week WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!!

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