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I’m a newbie to the bearded dragon world. We recently purchased a juvenile dragon from our local pet store. They sold us the BD Thrive 40 gallon Glass Terrarium Kit with open front doors and after researching I’ve noticed the lighting that came with it isn’t recommended. I currently have the kit lighting which includes the Arcadia 100 watt essential basking spot bulb and 26 watt desert UVB bulb(coil) and it doesn’t seem to be right according to our dragons behavior. I need the best advice on what lighting to purchase and the best tank set up. Thanks in advance!!

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What brand is the 26 watt bulb? If its a Thrive please get rid of it - does Arcadia even make coil 26 watt bulbs? If so I have not heard of them -- only the Thrive brand I have heard and its NO good the Reptisun 26 watt is ok - but they need to be unobstructed NO screen in a reflective dome and 6-8 inches directly above the basking decor and replaced in 6 months--- tbh I would get rid of it all together and get this
24" fixture
or you can get this a 24" fixture Sunblaster Nano 24" fixture
Please post back on here when / if you get one so I can help you place it in the tank
Make sure you have digital probe thermometers to get accurate basking temps as well place the probe where he sits for basking and wait 10 min then get the temp 95-100

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Can anyone tell me what kind or morph my bearded dragon is? I was told fancy when I bought it by store employee and inferno leatherback by a customer. Or do I just have a regular one?

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