My Bearded dragon ripped out her whole finger nail.


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So my bearded dragon ripped out her whole finger nail while I was gone on a trip. I got home and walked upstairs to see her and when I did I looked at her finger nail and it was completely ripped out! It's been almost an hour since I noticed it was gone, I've soaked it in iodine/ betadine solution and have already put some neosporin on it (does not have pain killing effects). She seems to be doing fine and she is currently snuggling with my mom. What should I keep doing? I have already called the vet and they are closed so I will be calling everyday until we can get her an appointment. Her middle finger looks to be broken on both hands (both her middle fingers on her hands are standing up) I have noticed for a while and thought it would just heal overtime but it hasn't healed yet and i'm worried the other finger nail will pop out eventually. What can I do to prevent this? And how could I prevent infection on her popped out nail scab? I use carpet for her tank and I know that carpet can be a house for bacteria so i've already cleaned off her mat and washed it. I have read that nails can pop off due to closed off circulation while shedding (She has been struggling with shedding that finger) so I believe it popped off due to circulation because there is no blood. Please someone answer as soon as possible!

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Their nails do come off now and then. You're doing the right thing by applying neosporin to help prevent infection. As long as it heals over without getting infected, I don't think it's likely to cause a long term problem. As far as the broken fingers go, a vet could take an x-ray to confirm, but if it has been a while then there may not be much that can be done about it (if they have healed in place). Immobilization would probably be what they recommend. As long as those heal without infection though, I don't think they're likely to cause a problem even if they aren't healed straight/correctly.

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That probably hurts, poor girl. Do you have any pictures, just so we can see?
I agree, just try to keep the nail area clean & continue to use the antibiotic ointment on the area to help ward off infection.
Does she seem to be able to walk normally with the fingers out of place?


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