Mr. Head Bobber

Mr. Head Bobber Maya went to the baffroom in his tank, on his 'basker spot'. He did not like his baff because he 'saw' his-self in the 'mirror'. So he turned black.

Then took my sweet slow time, cleaning his tank and then once in his clean tank, he threw a fit and ran over to 'a donkey' photo to complain. He's still complaining and sitting on his bunny.


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He's also so dramatic. He was watching- Mortal Kombat when I left. It went off and I guess he sulked when it went to another movie. Now, he's sitting under his basking spot, staring at me.


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Lmao that's funny, my girlfriend swears ours like to watch tv with her.

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This is Atlas, he's my 3 year male leatherback. i don't know whether to be worried as he has no femoral pores what so ever, not even small ones! i always thought they would come with age but he is getting a bit older now and i'm starting to worry. here are some photos of his lack of pores. if someone could let me know if this is healthy that would be greatly appreciated!!
I don't own Swordtail anymore. He owns me
Swordtail is being the chonky turd he is
Hmmm.... May make a dress for her lol

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