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So now that Rocky is back, I am obsessed all over again. I was looking at him as he yawned and realized his "teeth" are probably done growing. Beardies have the teeth and the plate so that's it huh? THey won't have a full mouth -
Okay, I need something to do but I am trying not to touch Rocky as much as he reacclimates (although he's acting normal) so I find myself staring at him thinking of this random foolishness-

Other thoughts-
-why didn't he loose his sas? He closes his eyes when I sing. I tell him if he doesn't open his eye I will sing it again, he opens it!
-He ran to the window after brumation but not my arms....should I be offended?
-He gained weight and I am so proud of my big boy (seriously it's .05lbs but it's something!)
-I redecorated his enclosure and the two similar hides confuse him- duh Rocky, one is on the hot side, one is on the cool side!


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Zen , Ruby & Snicker Doodle
If he is like Zen he will be mab about his stuff being disturbed lol. I've had 4 females, they all seemed to enjoy having stuff rearranged, but Zen no way he pouts for days lol.

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HELP what's happening with my beardie!!he has a lifted up scale and it has shedding in a circle around it I noticed it for the first time yesterday and I have no idea what it is and when I shine a flashlight on him it's yellow around the scale what do I doooo
substrate looks scrumptious
My female bearded dragon has recently started gasping for air all the time. She can’t get sleep or really do anything because she has such a difficult time breathing. I think it might be a RI but I’m not completely sure. Any thoughts?
Building a custom enclosure from an entertainment center. Can't wait to see how it ends up! Custom Build
setting up a tank for a garter snake in a few months!!

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