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One of my female beardies has a lump on her belly that seems to be growing every week. It’s still relatively small, covering about 12 scales on her belly, to the left of her colon. I’ve been to the vet to have it monitored for 3 months & it Grew so we went back about a month ago to have it drained and it’s grown again. Im due to go back to the vet for her to have a checkup later this month but im just wondering if anyone knows what the lump could be? We had a biopsy done in the beginning of year but results were inaccurate/lump was not big enough to determine cause. She’s 5 years old, was spayed at 2 years old so We know it’s not egg related, she’s eating and pooping fine, her behaviour is really better than anything but It’s making me worry a lot as it’s growing and has also been feeling a bit harder than when she originally had it. She’s kept on artificial grass/turf. Any suggestions are highly helpful. Thanks!

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