Looking to find new home for Bearded Dragon


I’m looking to find a new home for my bearded dragon which will be one year old in December. I live in Staten Island so I can deliver in New York or New Jersey if it’s not too far and if it is we can always meet halfway. With the bearded dragon I will give away everything I have for the tank. Acadia pro T5 light and I’ll purchase a new bulb so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon ,basking light that comes with a small stand to adjust height , feeding bowls, thermometers, vitamins. Bearded dragon seems not be eating as much he was only pooping like one a week but now its seems like he’s pooping more often. He’s active and looks healthy but is not eating as much as he used to. If I can find a good home and someone who has experience taking care of Bearded Dragons I will give away my Solar Meter that I purchased for 250$. I will also order from dubia.com up to 50$ for whatever you need. Just looking to find a good home. Thank you


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Perhaps you could make flyers/posters and put them up in local pet stores or at a local exotic vet. Hope your beloved bearded dragon finds a new home. 💝

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