Looking for Opinions on UVB Placement for New Habitat


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So my 8' x 2' x 2' Zen Habitat enclosure is all put together. Now I am just waiting on the two cabinet stands which should be here by end of next month. Until them, I am going to spend this time on getting the habitat set up properly, plus get temperature gradients and humidity right before moving Ziggy in.

I post this seeking opinions on what you think is the best way to position a Zoom Med Reptisun Hood from an aerial perspective and why. I am already mounting inside so that much I do know. What I do not know yet and would like your opinions on is where inside? From an aerial perspective should I mount at the back? or in the middle? The basking bulbs, which will be two, will be mounted over head and on top of the metal screen. Picture for reference.

So whats your opinion and why?



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You have a great discussion going on the Enclosure thread. Feel free to post pictures of your
tank once you get it all setup just so we can see!
I am pleased that you are spending so much time getting your lighting correct!



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I like to set mine toward the front or back like your second option. This helps to provide a gradient of UVB long the depth of the enclosure. They can still bask directly under the light if they want the most intense UVB, but it also makes it easier for them to choose less if they want it. They don't seem to always want to bask at the most intense heat or UVB exposure, based on my observations.

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