Little Gems Lettuce good or bad?

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Hi, I've had my bearded dragons for 2 weeks now they are approximately 6 - 8 weeks old (unfortunately they were let go early and the breeder seemed to know nothing about them) and they are eating both Veg and Bugs without any problems and are healthy.
I would just like to know if Little Gem's Lettuce is ok for them to eat. They seem to prefer it to the Broccoli and cucumber. I just read that Iceberg and other lettuce can give them Diarrhoea, there have been so signs of that so far but I just cant seem to find any info on this particular type of lettuce.

Also how much water should they be taking daily at the 6-8 week stage. I put water on the ends of there noses until they lick it off but haven't seen them drinking from their bowl (plastic milk cap)



Anything with the word "lettuce" should be avoided. It really does not have any nutritional value in it. Stick to greens like dandelion, kale, and collard greens to name a few. Also try to feed them some other veggies like carrots, and squash. I also feed my little one some baby food like chicken, sweet potato and apples, I like the baby food because I can add the calcium right in the food. It was the only food she would eat when I first got her. Hope this helps!!


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Ok thank you, Lettuce is off the menu now :)
I've been trying to get them to eat carrots but they seem to avoid it. I may just cut it up really small to the point where it sticks to the rest of their food.
They have been eating crickets and Pheonix worms just fine at least.
I wasn't aware they would eat paste type stuff like baby food. I will look in to that. Any particular ones to avoid though?


I would avoid the baby foods that are "stews'". I use 1st stage baby food and she seems to enjoy the apple and sweet potato. Read the ingredients in them and make sure there is no rice in them. At first just place a small amount on his nose and let him lick it off, after a couple days he should eat it out of a dish. I sometimes also water it down a bit and toss is greens in it which does seem to help her it them!
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