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I woke up today to my bearded dragon limp and very light colored. Her eyes have been mostly closed today, and she has a black beard as well (which she has NEVER had in the last 4 years we have had her)... She is really not able to lift her head either. I rushed her to the ER vet when I noticed this this morning. We just got home. 6 hours later. No answers either and she's in the same shape almost as this morning. They gave her fluids. Said her heart looked good and was beating good. Checked her glucose. It was good. Ran labs as well. They all came back good besides her calcium was elevated, which the vet thought maybe there was some reproductive things going on... What else could make calcium be high? Or what could this be? I'm really just so nervous. Im scheduling to see her regular vet Monday like the ER vet said to do.. I just am hoping not to lose her. This has been so stressful. When they took her temp it wouldn't even register on the thermometer, which I am so confused about since her tank thermometer says its 90 degrees in there.

Her temp at the vet was unreadable when they took it. She has very shallow breathing now and also an hour ago kept opening her mouth really wide every minute or so and shutting it. Not sure what that meant. But now she's not doing any of that and she's still limp.

Could this be brumation? Shes never been in brumation in her 5 years of life. I feel terrible and hope she's not suffering. I've thought about taking her back to the ER vet and letting her go just because I dont wsntbher to suffer if she is. I dont know how to know I'm making the right decision.

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So sorry this is happening. Do you have a copy of the blood tests you could post?
Has she ever laid infertile eggs before?
Just so we have an idea, please run over your tank setup such as the type/brand of
UVB lighting, supplementation, etc so we can be sure it's all correct. What type of
thermometer are you using to measure her temperatures?
High calcium levels can indicate metabolic issues, calcium issues, or egg laying, too.
Did they mention anything about liver or kidney problems?
It is most likely not brumation because she shouldn't have a black beard if she is not
having problems & brumating peacefully.

Let us know how she is doing. Try to keep her around 75-80 overnight to help boost
her system.


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Her kidney and liver levels were perfect. I do not have a copy of the labs. But she did gain her wings this morning. 💔
We need lighting details please basking temps should be 95-100 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer surface temps please and the UVb your using NO coils please

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I am so sorry for your loss.:cry: Was she at home, with you when she passed? I know just how hard it is
to lose one, the worst feeling in the world.
My condolences.


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