Lighting for 24Lx18Wx12H?

A few days ago, I got an 8 week old Rankins dragon. He weighs in at a whopping 3 grams ?.

I was planning on putting him in my 36x18x18, but he's so small and I didn't want to stress him out. So I currently have him in a 20 gal equiv.

I currently have lighting as follows: basking lamp over the rock cave, which gives temps of 105-112F (monitoring this, if it goes any higher I'll raise the lamp). Cooler areas are 75-85F and nighttime temps are 65-70F. The current UVB is a 36" T8 fixture with bulb, which I know is not optimal.

I bought a 24" T5 fixture with a 5.0 T5 bulb at an expo (Hooray for expos having great deals) yesterday, and want use that instead. I'm aware that a 10.0 T5 is better, which I will switch to once he's in the larger enclosure, but for now, his tank only has 12 in. depth and I don't want too much UVB.

I'm planning on angling the new fixture across one side to create a UVB gradient, but I'm not sure how far away from the basking area it should be! The top of the basking rock is about 6" away from the screen top. I'm going to move the hammock to the side not under the UVB, so I'm not worried about the distance with that. The light will be above the screen, and I can raise it as high as needed. Can I just place the fixture on the screen or should I raise it higher?

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The 5.0 bulb and the T 8 are basically the same bulb ---- so w/ that being said please take the screen off the tank or have it w/ the screen butted up to the UVB so you can place the UVB on the far end width wise and take the screen and place it up to it------------ distance should be 6-8 inches directly over the basking decor piece - those T 8's are not strong enough to go thru the screen -- so the UVB needs NO obstruction -- he will be fine in the 20 gallon for a few months- when you put him in the larger tank replace the 5.0 bulb for the 10.0 bulb - the 5.0 will need to be changed out in approx 6 months I recommend 5 -- I would try and get the basking temp down to 105-110 -- 112 is a little hot --

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