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Since Toni has been going through Spring Fever, she goes to the bathroom quite a bit while I'm at work. And since she's going potty so much and has a lot of energy, she has been running through it, sitting in it etc. It's hard to get off of her! What do you guys do to get your beardies clean? Sometimes a soak doesn't cut it!


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Ahhhh...the little stinkers--literally! :mrgreen: I would get a spare toothbrush and you could try cleaning her gently with that while you're soaking her. It's worth a try...

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Currently going through the exact same thing.. keep coming home to not only a fresh poo.. but one that is all over the floor, sides, and furniture in Pablos tank.. not to mention the paintbrush to the masterpiece (Pablo himself). I have been bathing him like usual, but go buy a SOFT toothbrush, like earlier stated. I've been using it a lot lately and it really helps get it all off, especially since i don't catch it right away and its almost caked onto him. He seems to almost enjoy it! Hes also going through a full body shed and it helps loosen some of it.. I don't go crazy brushing him because I don't want to pull the shed off early, but it does seem to help and make him more comfortable.. good luck!
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