Lennon's first bath in the sink. (:

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He really seemed to enjoy it, I was surprised!

I put some warm water in the sink and set him in it; it came up like halfway at the base of his tail.
First thing, he put his little nose down and started drinking. I dripped water from my fingertips onto his back and his nose, he drank those drops too and just sat and soaked and looked pretty pleased.
When I lifted him out of the sink, he saw himself in the mirror and got excited and tried to go over to it. When I presented him with, well, himself, he just stared though, no waving or bobbing. Clever little thing. 8)

So, that was about it.
I just wanted to post and say that he did not "go" in the water, like I've read a lot of other dragons here do. He's so very clean.
Maybe next time... :roll:


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Aww, that is cute. I'm glad he liked his bath. Buttercup goes potty in her bath. I usually feed her her worms around 10 am, then I give her a bath when my son is taking a nap so she usually has about 2 hours to digest her meal. Sometimes she will soak for about 15 minutes before she goes potty. If you warm up the bath water a little bit after he has been soaking sometimes this will stimulate pooping too. Glad he had a good experience! :blob5:
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