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Question... I'm trying to make a graph to teach myself the genetics of the different morphs and what you would get from the pairing.

My example is

Female is a Leatherback, 50% Het Trans and 50% Het Hypo
Male is Hypo Zero 66% Het Trans
Here's a guide for this pairing

First, know that the hypo, trans, and zero genes are all recessive. This means that in order to be visual hypos, zeros, or trans, each dragon has to have two copies of that gene. Visual means two copies and 100% het means one copy. Now since het genes aren't visible, there isn't a way of knowing if one dragon is het for a recessive trait or not unless they've been bred and have produced visuals themselves, or they came from a pairing that involved a visual. It's a bit complex, but once you understand it, it becomes easy to figure out. So let's take a look at your possible pairing.

Since you're breeding a visual zero to a dragon without any zero genes, all of the babies will be 100% het zero. If the other dragon was 100% het zero, then you could expect roughly 50% of the babies to be visual zeros, and the rest to be 100% het zero. If the other dragon was less than 100% het zero, then you'd be proving it out with the pairing. If the pairing resulted in visual zeros, then you'd know that the less than 100% het zero parent was actually a 100% het zero. If there were no visual zeros, then you'd know that the parent wasn't het zero (there's a very minute chance that a het zero combined with a visual wouldn't produce any visuals due to breeding odds, but these odds would be so so small that you shouldn't worry about it).

So here's your pairing

-Visual Zero+Non-Zero=All babies will be 100% Het Zero
-Visual Hypo+50% Het Hypo=All babies will be 100% Het Hypo if 50% Het Hypo dragon doesn't prove out, or half of the babies will be Visual Hypo and the other half will be 100% Het Hypo if it does.
-66% Het Trans+50% Het Trans=A quarter of the clutch will be Visual Trans and the rest will be 66% Het Trans if both dragons prove out. If one dragon proves out (which you won't know since het isn't visible) then in theory, you'd have all babies be 50% het trans. If neither proves out, all your babies would be Non Trans (again, you wouldn't know this). Essentially, if visual trans babies don't pop up, you'd label the entire clutch as Possible Het Trans (Possible Hets are labeled when a dragon is less than 50% Het for a recessive gene).

Now in terms of Leatherbacks, there are two different Leatherback genes. There's the Italian leatherback, which is co-dominant, and the American leatherback, which is recessive. Almost all Leatherbacks you'll find are Italians, so I'll assume that your female is too. Co-Dominant genes like this one only need one copy of the gene to be visual, so you can expect half of your clutch to be Leatherbacks. If your male was a Leatherback himself, then you could possibly create Super Leatherbacks, which is the Silkback

Again, I know this can be confusing, but I hope this is at least a little bit helpful.
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