Just got a juvie today! Question on lighting and feeding?


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Okay so we just got our first dragon today, he's about 6 months old from what the employee told us. (Also a beardie owner). If I understand correctly, you are to feed it veggies in the morning first. Do I need to rip them up into tiny "between the eyes" sized bits? Also, at wheat time do I feed him crickets ? And how many? Do they need to be dipped in calcium every day? Also, the uvb and basking lights. We just brought him home late, around 8pm tonight. And he for sure got a bit chilly on the ride home. We wanted to heat the tank up first before we plopped the cutie in there but should I shut them off now? He definitely looks tired but I don't want it to get too cold. There is a thermometer in the back middle part of the tank, in between the cold and hot side, which reads a solid 80° F. What is the general schedule for lights on/off and temp for night time? And also what's a basic schedule for juvenile feeding ? Sorry for all the questions. Very overwhelmed !!!


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Welcome to the forum ---- ok lets start off w/ the most important things in the tank ---- UVB NO coils you want a 24" fixture like a Zoo Med or Sunblaster Nano or a Arcadia Pro T 5 w/ either a Reptisun 10.0 T5 for a tank 40 + gallons or a Arcadia 12% bulb -- next basking temps need to be a bright white bulb that keeps temps 95-100 for a juvie dragon-taken w/ a digital probe thermometer NO stick ons they are inaccurate -- dragons sleep in the dark w/ the temps 65-75 that you can use a stick on for -- feed fresh salads in the morning rinsed before serving - w/ the insects given about a hr after the salad - dust the insects w/ calcium D3 5 x per week ONCE per feeding lightly coated and vitamins w/ beta carotene 2 x per week ONCE per feeding lightly coated -- he should eat as many as he can in about a 10-15 minute time span feed only a few at a time so you can keep count how many are in the tank you dont want any left in the tank - they will come out at nite and bite your dragon - and they are good at hiding -- photo period of 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off -- he needs to be eating some salads most of his diet right now is protein - but he needs fresh salads every day http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder
I would get him some BSFL to lure him to the bowl if you need them some are not real good salad eaters and some are - http://www.symtonbsf.com
Add them to the salad bowl in front of him so it gets his attention -
BUT FOR NOW we need to get your lighting and temps correct in the tank other wise he will not eat or stop eating and you do not want that --- this is imperative to the over all health and behavior of the dragon

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