is this the typical position for a female to lay eggs?

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I have a 10month old female who I believe is full of eggs. her stomach has about bean size ball like objects on both sides. she's been digging around for about a week...I had her housed with a male, but I've got him moved to a 20 gal temporary tank for now. She's dug out all the sand to the glass, and now is posed with her rear legs behind her and pushed up on her front legs. she's in a 55 gal tank with play sand and necessities. What else may I need to do if she is in fact laying eggs? and what are her chances of survival from the laying process with her being so young?




also her 'vent' appears to be swollen...i'd add a picture but I dont really want to disturb her to take one. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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You should give her a better area to lay the eggs. There are many ways people do it, my personal preference is to use a large plastic bin. I fill it half way with topsoil, sloping it from near the top one one side to near the bottom of the other. It will probably help if you start a hole for her somewhere near the middle. You can clamp a light fixture on it to help keep it warm.

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They generally do not hold themselves up that high when laying.It looks to me like she may be a little bound possibly because she cannot find a suitable area to lay.I use an in tank laybox with moist bed-a-beast(coconut fiber) which you can also mix with a bit of sand if you want.Also its a good idea to cover part of the box for privacy.Here are some videos of my girl digging and laying:

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Saccharidicule":mlq333a3 said:
That last video was actually very helpful for me, personally! Thank you for all of that.
You are very welcome. I am glad it helped. :D
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