Is this normal he's never had anything like this before


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He acts just fine been very active eating like crazy the only thing that's changed is we did get him a new terrarium we went from one that opens up above she wanted to open up the front Thanksgiving weekend and this showed up within the last two or three weeks but lights temperature food all stay the same and whenever we've taken to the vet the vet is very happy with how his health is otherwise. I thought maybe he was just peeling but it looks scabbier than normal healing any ideas what I've looked up pictures of fungus infections and stuff it doesn't look like this at least I have the pictures I found anyway and it is on both sides of his upper lip

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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
You can put some raw unfiltered honey on the lip--- do not feed any crickets in the tank if your feeding those- they will go straight for the wound -- the honey will help w/ the healing process -- your lighting must be on par --- what kind of UVB are you using and is it in the tank? Surface basking temps are being taken w/ a digital probe thermometer?

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Temperature is very important as Karrie mentioned. Hopefully it's a wound that can heal easily [ raw honey 2-3 X a day is good ] but if it's mouth rot you will need antibiotics and an experienced reptile vet to handle it in most cases.
Best wishes to you for a good outcome ASAP !

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Ouch, that looks like it probably hurts a little bit. As suggested, do try using the raw unpasteurized
honey or manuka honey on that area. It is very safe & tremendously helpful for mouth infections.
If you can, try to have a vet check that out too just to be sure it isn't mouth rot which can be very
serious & affect his overall health.

Let us know how he is doing.


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I would be going to a vet myself too. Do you feed fruit by chance? If so be warned that there is a link with fruit and mouthrot. Best not to feed, but the occasional treat if any. Best of luck. Sounds like you are getting a lot of help here, but yeah a good reptile vet is really going to be your best resource.


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very raraliy does he get fruit just mainly holidays. but good to know about that link between the 2. glad he isnt a huge fan of fruit


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i am willing to bet that behavior has more to do with the time of year as opposed to the honey. if it is, you would be the first report i've read about it. even though it is winter to us, for them, it is coming out of brumation time and heading into spring zoomies! (aka mating season)

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