Is tart cherry extract the same as dark cherry ??

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I believe my beardie has gout and was looking for things to help him I've read everywhere that cherry extract can help break the acids down causing it. I was curious how much do I give him he's about a year old and( looks) a tad underweight I do not have a scale and I can not afford to take him to the vet.
I've posted other subjects but was hoping for a faster response on here. I have spring valley tart cherry extract 1200 MG it's a capsule.
Thank you

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Do you have pictures to post so we can see, does he have marked swelling?
The tart cherry is slightly different but may have more active enzymes helpful towards
gout. That will be fine. It's hard to measure exactly when it's in powder, but you can't
overdose on this, really.
Simply take a small pinch, daily to mix with his greens, slurries or other foods. There
shouldn't be any danger of overdosing or toxicity.
Can you run over your tank setup with us also, so we can be sure everything is correct?



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His feet are the only thing that are swollen and there pretty bad. I don't see any hard lumps on his feet or toes. How do I post pictures?
Is It's allopurinol the medicine that helps it ? This is a dumb question but is it the same for dogs because I found some on 1 800 pet meds .Com?
I have the zoo med reptile terrarium good with T5 HO .5 %bulb I have it set up about 6 or 7 inches above him he's laying down on the traditional brown carpet he doesn't currently have any thing in with him other then a t shirt he also has flukers 160 watt max heat lamps with multiple bulbs I'm using a 100 watt right now it's a 50 or 55 Gallon tank
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