is my bear die okay?


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Hi! i’ve had my bear die vlad for a year now and recently he’s been to the vet for a obstruction, got some meds and supplements and pooped a week later and was doing great. after that first poop he hasn’t gone since then so i took him back again and he had another obstruction:( we went over what i do and can do (so far his home care has been excellent as said by the vet) so he ran some blood tests and x-ray. everything looks good (white blood cell counts hasn’t come back yet) but the doc said he might poop again as it said he had some more in on the x-ray. he said to feed him the laxative formula once a day for the next 5 days then sparingly. i was expecting a poop today (as that’s what he did last visit) like the doc said but nothing so far. i’m really worried about my boy and not sure if this is normal. he has been drinking a bunch but not too much eating. after i fed him the meds today he got very active and i thought he might poop but didn’t. i’m worried he’s obstructed today even though the doc took care of that wednesday night (thursday night today.) he’s active and a happy boy so far and not at all dark. thank you so much!

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Hi there,

We need to get to the cause of the obstructions, not necessarily how to treat them. A vet can give an enema (which by the way is an EXTREMELY dangerous procedure for a bearded dragon) to help pass the blockage, but you've got to prevent them from happening.

That will largely come down to your husbandry and the diet you are providing. Your profile isn't filled out with the information on your setup, so I'm going to ask you the important stuff, please respond to all of them.

Basking surface temp?
What are you taking this measurement with? (digital with probe/dial/etc.)
Age/weight of dragon?
Supplement schedule?
Daily diet? (Be specific, specific foods and quantities)
What UVB bulb are you using?
What substrate is your dragon housed on?

Can you post a picture of your dragon and of your enclosure?

It's not uncommon for dragons to go a few days or even a week without pooping. Even more so for adult/full grown dragons. I've had full grown dragons that poop only once every two weeks or so at times.

All and all, if your dragon isn't pooping it's most likely going to come down to temperatures not being proper, or food items being too large/difficult to break down... (typically due to improper temperatures).


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Yes, we do need to review your tank setup along with nutrition/feeding, supplementation,
UVB type/brand & temperatures so we can be sure everything is all correct.
What type of laxative medication is he on & what amount is being given?


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