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intracoelomic fluid therapy for bearded dragon

Our bearded dragon pickles is quite unwell.
Unfortunately the reptile vet we have taken our other reps too isnt taking on new clients.
But the vet that is dealing with him is liaising with a couple of specialists on this.
From his bloods it was quite evident his kidneys are having a hard time (high uric acid/gout)

He has had his first lot of fluid therapy today to help his kidneys. Ive always known fluid injections to be subcutaneous on dragons but the reptile vet has advised the vet dealing with it to administer intracoelomic - directly into the abdomen.

Pickles had his first lot of this therapy this morning and has just excreted a brown liquid poo (no solid part, no urate).
Ive let the vey know who is checking with specialist, but just wanted to see if anyone has come across intracoelomic injections and if this commonly happens


BD.org Sicko
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I'm sorry to hear Pickles isn't feeling well. I usually read about fluid injections being subcutaneous as well, so I'm not sure what to expect from intracoelomic injections. It sounds like that is used for cases of severe dehydration. Passing through brown liquid sounds normal in that it's how they will pass excess liquids from their system. If you see any urate, I'd also check that to see if the color has a blue/green tint to it as well and notify the vet if you see it.

Is he eating on his own at all? If so, offering some hydrating foods like squash or even dripping some water on his nose to lick up may be helpful and less stressful than injections, but if he's in rough shape that may be the only way to go for now. Hopefully the extra water will help to reduce the uric acid levels.

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