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My beardie has a lump on her belly on the lower left side just above her left leg. Its reasonably firm and closer to her front than her back. She's had it for two weeks now, she was pooping normally the first week, but the past week she stopped eating and pooping. Yesterday during her warm bath a tiny little bit of poop came out, which leads me to believe the lump is built up poop (because she hasn't eaten for a week).

(I know she's very skinny, I've had trouble getting her to eat since I got her 6 weeks ago)

I thought it was impaction but there was no blood when she pooped, she runs around completely normally, and this morning she ate two tiny crickets and a bit of salad.
Also, the lump can move when I rub it gently, almost all the way up to her ribs. Is that normal for impacted beardies? She doesn't mind when I touch it.
I also warm bathe her every day for 10 minutes, and she bends down to drink.
She does lick a little bit of apple puree off my finger at times (100% apple).

She's 4 months old, 5 inches long. Hot side temps are 95, basking spot is 105, cool side is 85 (digital thermometer).
UVB fluorescent tube (can't get Reptisun in this country so I use this )
She can't get closer than 6 inches to it.
Bright white 50W basking lamp.
Paper towel substrate.

I'd appreciate any help identifying the lump and how to get rid of it!! Thanks :)


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Hi. You can try some plain applesauce and a drop of olive oil or plain canned pumkin. Also baby food prunes work. Good luck shes a cutie :D


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Thanks. I did that and gave her a warm bath and a massage but no result. I took her to the vet because I was quite worried and it turns out she's eaten some stones (4mm wide). They're giving her medication and trying to help her pass them but its looking like she'll need surgery. I've been very careful with her and don't put her on the floor anywhere so I have no idea where she could've found stones but I'll be extra extra careful if she pulls through this!!
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