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I cannot find anything big enough for a adult to bask on that would be comfortable.I have looked at every pet store here where I live and nothing.Small wood peices and thats it.Any ideas ? I made Here a little area out of wood and those big suction cup stairs but it looks so uncomfortable.Any ideas with pics to help would be so much appreciated .Thanks ahead of time :study: :study:


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you kan use bricks or wood from trees use leamon tree wood i just peal it with a machte an bake it in the oven an u kan also use wood plat forms from home depot stop going to petstore the over price things to much u are btter off making basking branches your self all it takes is datermanation


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Any lakes around you? I went to the beach and got big chunks of driftwood for my adults. Free and any size you'd like :)


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You can go to most landscaping places and find a piece of slate rock. Just pick out a few large thin pieces and stack them very carefully making sure they are sturdy. You can also get fish tank silicone and put some small beads in between the pieces to make sure they stay together.They hold heat really well and are very smooth so most beardies love them. We also found this website that we made a few of ours from very cost effective and a fun project to do. Rhiannon
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