Ian's microfarm.


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Gone from in drought to wishing the rain would go away …. everytime we threaten to replant the seedlings , the bloody rains return and it doesn't happen.


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Wifeosaurus wants her offground entertainment deck , been pressuring me to get this project moving ( hopefully before summer returns ).

So revisited the layout , and will be looking for a 36 - 42 sqm steel (boxspan) structure to be erected at the back of our home.
Will be topped with HardieDecking ( I don't fancy having to restain hardwood decking every year or 2 or fancy the price for situable exterior hardwood decking , too high maintenance for my liking , nor do I fancy plastic fake decking = a false economy imo ).

Since it's been 2 years since my last quote I need to seek out fresh quotes , and check with council regards dev permit needed or not .

I don't want to repeat the same mistake of the dope who was living next-door ( who's been forced to sell up to pay his $45,000 fine for his illegal shed and then illegal shed conversion - new neighbours soon - wife hopes they are nice people and not too noisy .
WE WILL NOT these people who lived as our north next-door neighbours , been more bother and problems than they were worth
> wont miss the pack of guard dogs ( barking at all hours , never made a sound when stuff was stolen from shed and yard ),
the working at unsociable hours ( ignorant people ),
loading / unloading truck / trailor at midnight in the dark ( up to no good IMO , believe he was knicking timber and hardware from work ) ,
the cars / trucks parking all over my greenstrip ,
the yard invasions and junk invasions ,
the thieving ( I believe he stole my fishing rods , my collection of berry and fruit plants , and other stuff ) ,
the attempts by hubby to bully us whenever I objected ,
the loud horrible boom boom music ( their son plays ).
Good riddance.

Likely deck will be 8m x 4.5m , either lined up wth NE corner of our house or centered on our back door ,
12m x 3m lined up with the NE corner of the our house

WIll also buy an kit Colorbond Garden Shed with a gable roof to have installed in my yard , this will be on a metal framed offground deck between the back of our house and the highest 3m x 1.5m raised bed .
This is will be converted to a ROLL ON ROLL OFF ROOF observatory to house
my 10" f/4.6 home built dobsonian ,
my 10" f/4 foamcored carbon fibre tubed Astrographic Newtonian ( all I need to is assemble and collimate it - been on hold and in storage in a parts in a 150L tub ) mounted on my Vixen New Atlux computerised GOTO GEM ,
< I'll invest in a 90D or maybe a 9D when it's released ( to go to a 35mm sensor) or maybe a one shop color cooled AZI astrocamera ( they have very good reviews in astrophotography circles but as not useable for happy snaps like a good DSLR is ) >
my AUTOGUIDER CONVERSION ( I did the electronic conversion ) Celestron CG5 GEM camera platform / skypatrol platform ( will set up with my 60D + Tamron Ad2all SP 300mm F/2.8 LD-IF 60B super telephoto

+ side by side w/ my 50D with either my
Tamron Ad2all SP 80-200mm F/2.8 LD 30A superzoom or
Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 AIS or
Nikkor 135mm f/2 AIS or
Tamron Ad2all 24mm F/2.5 01B superwide angle or
Tamron Ad2all17mm f/3.5 SP 51B superwide angle
so I can finally get back into deep space imaging again and check off one of my life long bucket list items ( ie backyard observatory with very good astrographic telescope permanently setup ).

Yes I have a gap in my focal lengths , that is covered by
Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM APO Zoom ,
Sigma 18-200mm F3 5 6 3 II DC OS HSM Zoom , which are part of my camera kit.

I'm eyeing the following lenses
Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Zoom or Tamron EF SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD A007
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM ( a Canon 85mm f/1.2 L glass would v-nice but I can't justify > $2000 for it even 2nd hand and a Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AIS is too pricey for 2nd hand ( up near $1000 on Ebay )

I spent the day working on my RORO design , and working out the best location in my backyard , was considering either

building it on the Nth end of the 3m garage slab extension
<< pros - flat concrete surface already there + vgood S and SW and N and NW viewing/imaging
<< cons - concrete and shed will take long time for thermals to disappear => bad air for longer + loose use of 2.4m x 3m of the 3m x 6m avail working room

between the hockeystick bed and the back of the house
<< pros - very good S , SE , N and NE viewing , close to under house AC outlet ,
<< cons - loose sky w of zenith , need to build a small offground platform to put building on,close to driveway so seeing will be effected by thermals while driveway cools + from house roof , constraints on space

on the old slab at the NE corner of my house
<< pros - can build on existing slab (saves $) , can fix steel pier to existing slab , good viewing E of zenith , can install AC to ROR very easily
<< cons - loose viewing S of house , loose viewing W of zenith , issues with thermals from slab and house

on the big deck when it's built'.
<< pros - same position as above but 2m off ground , larger part of sky than above (on old slab) will be able view well W of zenith & more of S sky , very convenient location ( straight out bk door , no steps , no uneven - sloping ground to walk on or carry gear & laptop over , running AC to RORO will be v-easy
>> cons - will have to wait for deck , will need to reinforce & stiffen deck where astrograph will be mounted ( expensive ? ) , vibrations will upset tracking/imaging , more light pollution from street light on NW corner of my greenstrip (BAD) and from Pacific HW on west of Mt Kahibah (VBAD), and in street below my street (VBAD) but can be eliminated by imaging in narrow bands or using a LP filter or taller walls on the RORO.

Settled on the spot shown in the layout over 1.5 yrs ago when I decided three 3m x 1.5m bed would do - next to Nth bdry fence between W 3m x 1.5m raised bed and old slab
> pros = best compromise on sky limits , best location to block max local light pollution , minimal thermals , makes good use the location while having minimal impact on the plants I'll grow in the beds , less grass to mow , blank canvas ( area of land )
> cons = running AC to ROR will be expensive involving trenching - will add at least one 160W solar panel + solar charger + a 200 AH deep discharge Gel battery + inverter to get 12V and AC if I decide I need it
< cons = need footing to fix the steel pier to and to install a timber deck on to install RORO on .

So I'll price the prefab colorbond gable style garden shed and concrete footing and 2.4x3m off ground deck and boxspan roof rail and garage panel lift door roller h/w & roof reinforcements first while I wait for quotes to do the big entertainment deck , and see if I can get a tradie to do my build.
Seen kit colorbond sheds in the right size settling as flatpacks for under $500 ( these are a good staring point , can be erected in a day by a couple of workers if the slab / deck is ready ).

As usual , I'd do my own design calcs for the deck , footings, and rolling roof supports . Then I'll scketch it up and see quotes to assemble to my design and specs.


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Been busy today ringing about and tube stock plants are back in at Bunnings and Gardening Centres so time to get cracking with sorting finalising my yard beautification.

The Plan

Job #1 = FRONT FEATURE RAISESD GARDEN BED = 2 level 6m x 3m x mean height 0.4m ( currently half full of nasturtiums ) <==== Hoping Job #1 can be fixed up for Mothers' Day.

Job #2 = BACK FEATURE HOCKEY STICK SHAPED RAISED BED , located between back of house and garage , next to driveway)

Job #3 = BACK FEATURE RAISED GARDEN BED = 6m x 1.5m x mean height 0.6m w/ privacy plant support screen ( 6m x 1.5m ), located along back fence .

Hoping to have Jobs #2 and #3 done by 11 August ( wife's BD ).

Area available in each bed
6m x 3m = 18 sq-m
hockey stick = 9 sq-m
6m x 1.5m = 9 sq-m
total = 36 sq-m

In the 6m x 3m bed


1 or 2 small grass trees = xanthorrhoea glauca
15 to 20cm L trunks if available ,
15cm Trunk about $100 each ,
20cm trunk $150 each
…. these will be my expensive feature plants) , might splash out and have 2 in the 6m x 3m bed and 2 in the hockey stick bed ( will book great in both bed once they are in ) .

tube stock flowering shrubs
a snow berry = gaultheria hispida
a dwarf wattle = acacia drummondii sp drummondii
a mozzie repellant tea tree = leptospermum liversidgel
a Manuka myrtle = Leptospermum scoparium
a scarlet banksia = banksia cocoine
a nodding banksia = bankia nutas v nutans
a postrate blechnum banksia = banksia biechnifolia
a native rosella = hibiscus sadariffa
a Red Silky Oak = Grevillea banksii

tubestock of following native herbs/flowers SEEDLINGS randomly scattered about between the shrubs to provide habitat and insect / bird attractions

some bushy bluebell plants = Tadgell's bluebell = Wahlenbergia multicaulis
some running postman plants = kennedia postrata
some Rock Lily plants = Bulbine glauca
some kangaroo paw plants of mixed colours = anigozanththos flavidos
and as seeds to propogate randomly dispersed between above shrubs and starter herb/flowers

Will work out spacings and bed plans over next few days before I place my orders for bulk plant deliveries .

Wildflower SEEDS of Australian Native flowers Mix. sowed randomly about bed

Billy Buttons (Pycnosorus globosus)
Clawflowers (Calothamnus quadrifidus)
Everlasting Dwarf Mix (Rhodanthe manglesii)
Featherflowers (Verticordia nitens)
Golden Everlastings (Xerochrysum bracteatum)
Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthus manglesii)
Pink Everlastings (Schoenia cassiniana)
Purple Flags (Patersonia occidentalis)
Swan River Daisys (Brachycombe iberidifolia)

Plus installation of a drip irrigation system in my 6m x 3m feature bed as part of JOB #1


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PROGRESSING W/ beautification of my front yard ( 6m x 3m raised bed + a few new shrubs here-n-there ) , and my back yard = the 6m x 1.5m retaining wall / raised bed along my back fence & my 9 square metre L shaped retaining wall / raised bed between my house and garage's 3m wide concrete slab extension & driveway ) .
Spent a few days online ( my selection of plants above are not all available as tube stock or in NSW @ the big online natives nurseries , or even at local garden centres ) , so settled on sourcing a range of
+ 2 different small wattles:
Acacia drummondii ssp drummondii = Dwarf Golden Wattle & Dwarf White Wattle
(white and golden wattles are everywhere here along roads, in bush, in parks, at schools , even within 200m of the surf in the sand dunes and on ocean headlands )

+ 6 different coloured tea trees :
Leptospermum Burgundy Queen tea-tree (magenta)
Leptospermum Lavender Queen tea-tree (pale pink + lilac)
Leptospermum Pink Cascade tea-tree
Leptospermum liversidgei - Mozzie Blocker tea-tree (white)
Leptospermum scoparium - manuka tea-tree (white to pink)
Geraldton Wax tea tree - Chamelaucium uncinatum (white)

+ 7 different types / coloured banksias :
Banksia coccinea - 'Scarlet Banksia' (scarlet golden tips)
nodding banksia - bankia nutas v nutans (purple green tips)
Groundcover Banksia - Banksia blechnifolia (large brown)
Banksia spinulosa - ‘Dwarf Red’
Banksia spinulosa - ‘Stumpy Gold’
Banksia ericifolia - 'Red Rover' PBR - heath banksia
Banksia spinulosa 'Honey Pots' (golden)

+ 2 different coloured bottlebrushes:
Bottlebrush Callistemon - ‘Little John’ (red and gold spikes)
Bottlebrush Callistemon - ‘White Anzac’ (snow-white + gold spikes)

+ 10 different coloured grevillea:
Grevillea pteridifolia x banksii - 'Honey Gem' (golden)
Grevillea obtusifolia - 'Gin Gin Gem' (red cream)
Grevillea 'Carpet Layer' PBR (hot pink)
Grevillea lanigera - 'Mt Tamboritha' (pink cream)
Grevillea ‘Firecracker’ (Pink + white)
Grevillea Bauer’s dwarf (red)
Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ (red + yellow)
Grevillea  lanigera x rosmarinifolia - ‘Lemon Daze’ (bright yellow + pink)
Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’ (red cream)
Grevillea Amber Blaze (vibrant orange)

+ at least one species of native hibiscus
Native Hibiscus Alyogyne wrayae ‘Blue Healer’

+ 4 different coloured kangaroo paws:
Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos - 'Bush Pearl'
Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos - ‘Bush Fury’
Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos - ‘Landscape Gold’

+ 3 different coloured native myrtles
Melaleuca thymifolia - honey myrtle (purple)
Melaleuca White Lace - honey myrtle
Melaleuca linariifolia 'Claret Tops' – Honey Myrtle (crimson)

+ 2 different col0ured clumping iris & lillies :
Orthrosanthus multiflorus– morning iris (blue)
Bulbine bulbosa -Bulbine Lily (yellow)

+ 9 species of groundcover flowering herbs :
Kangaroo Lobelia Dampiera diversifolia (blue)
Billy Buttons Pycnosorus (golden)
Fringed Myrtle Micromyrtus ciliate (pink)
Chrysocephalum apiculatum ‘Silver & Gold’
Guinea Flower Hibbertia vestita ‘Golden Sunburst’ (yellow)
Fan Flower Scaevolea ‘Superclusters' (mauve)
Fan Flower Scaevolea ‘Superclusters’ Hardenbergia MEEMA™ (violet)
Pratia - blue star creeper
Pratia - white star creeper

all as tubestock.

and some grass trees ( 2 diff species ) as tubestock or sml trunks ( to 20cm) .
Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii - expensive small trunked specimens ( $150 for a 20cm specimen )
Xanthorrhoea australis (tubestock)

Have 36 square metres to beautify with native flowering plants and I want to put some near my green strip and along the N side of my house & N boundary to mark clearly the boundary and discourage new neighbours from using my front lawn as overflow for they driveway ( no N front bdry fence ).

Next job is for me is to scketch up the beds to scale and work out layering ( canopy ( sml trees shrubs) , mid story shrubs and ground cover layout for each of the 3 BIG beds (over w/end).

Then I'll place my online orders for deliveries to my place over next couple of weeks and hopefully the plants will be in their new forever homes by MOTHERS DAY ( Sue's present from me ).

Will then organise drip irrigation systems for the 3 beds + the 3 small 3m x 1.5m herb/greens/berries/veggies beds + tap timers front and back so at least my plants get a daily drink.

My yards will eventually be the best in the street once these plants grow a bit and are flowering.
And hoping to become veg / herbs / berries and greens self sufficient too.


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19 April Update Garden Beds
Organising delivery of 27 species of flowering natives as tubestock and 21 different species of flowering native as tubestock from 2 different suppliers , one in Brisbane , other in Melbourne.
Will try to source my 20cm long trunked grasstrees locally.


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Preps to install automated drip irrigation in all five raised beds in my backyard prior.

An update.
Plants selection and sourcing :
I've finally found someone who has the grass tree feature plant (s) I want . Turns out Bunnings can get Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii with short trunks and as seedlings in pots as a special order.
Now able to move onto bed planting layout now I've collected all the plant info I need on spacing and mature plant heights and widths.
Have decided on one of the more mature plants & a seedling , these are what they look like


the second one will look much more stunning in the front bed as ONE OF THE FEATURE PLANTS , so is now order , will be here in 2 weeks.

Pipe work :
I've been thinking on the best way to get water to the 5 back beds , and decided to ensure minimum drop in head ( pressure ) it will be wise to install 2 new exterior taps as shown in my layout (attached) .

One tap at the L shaped bed feeding the drip irrigation manifold and inground tubework there.
Other tap on a post about 30cm from the Nth bdry fence attached to a larger above ground post supported plastic pipe - manifold that will have branch manifolds to the three small (3m x 1.5m) beds and the big 6m x 1.5m bed top feed the drip irrigation tubework in these 4 beds.

I have some spare 100x100 F4 posts set aside that can be used to support the long plastic manifold running parallel to the Nth bdry fence .
Would install this on the fence but don't know if the new neighbours will want to replace the existing old Nth bdry fence when that home is sold and don't want to have repeat the job again afterwards.

See attachment of layout .


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The layout

Red numbers are mature heights.
Circles represent width of mature plants.
Some of the groundcovering plants have flower spikes that are quite tall and showy.

Plants at back nearest house (S to N)
Banksia - Honey Pots ( max h = 1m )
Bottle Brush - Little John ( max h = 1m )
Grevillea - Lemon Daze ( max h = 1.2m )
Honey Myrtle - Pink ( max h = 1.5m )
Grevillea - Robyne Gordon ( max h = 1.5m )
Tea Tree - Lavender Queen ( max h = 1.5m )
Banksia - Red Rover ( max h = 2m )
Tea Tree - Burgundy Queen ( max h = 3m )

Plants along S end of bed (E to W)
Banksia - Honey Pots ( max h = 1m )
Kangaroo Paw - Federation Flame ( max h = 1.5m )
Dwarf Golden Wattle ( max h = 0.6m )
Tea Tree - Mozzie Blocker ( max h = 2m ) <== will repel mossies in summer , and provide nice flower display & some shade.

Plants along N end of bed (E to W)
Tea Tree - Burgundy Queen ( max h = 3m ) <== adjacent to NW corner of house , will provide some privacy)
Grevillea - (Prostrate) Carpet Layer ( max h = 0.4m )
Grevillea - Gin Gin ( max h = 0.5m )

Plants along W side of bed ( S to N)
Tea Tree - Mozzie Blocker ( max h = 2m )
Banksia (Prostrate) blechnifolia ( ground cover max h = 0.2m )
Kangaroo Lobelia Dampiera diversifolia (ground cover max h = 0.1m )
Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii ( double head specimen = feature plant , can grow to 2m , flower spikes 2m )
Pratia - blue star creeper ( ground cover max h = 0.1m )
Banksia spinulosa ‘Stumpy Gold’ ( max h = 1m )
Grevillea - Gin Gin ( max h = 0.5m )

Took me the better part of an entire day to come up with a nice layered layout in this bed , with taller plants ( limited to under 2m mostly ) at the back of the bed and at the southern end ( nearest front patio ) .

Think I have an very nice mix of all the main groups of Australian native flowering / habitat plants ,and yes I've allowed some walk areas to we can get in and prune and take cuttings when the taller plants grow.


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Finalised my 6m x 1.5m bed plant layout

Along the back ( E side ) moving in S ( or x ) direction I will have following taller plants :

Banksia ericifolia 'Red Rover' PBR - heath banksia ( max h = 2m )
Melaleuca Claret Tops= Melaleuca linariifolia 'Claret Tops' – Honey Myrtle ( max h = 1.8m )
Leptospermum polygalifolium 'Tickled Pink' PBR Tea Tree ( max h = 1.5m)
bang in middle of bed a feature tree : Grevillea Honey Gem TREE ( max h = 5m )
at S end of bed : Banksia coccinea 'Scarlet Banksia' TREE ( max h = 5m )

I am endeavouring to ensure the taller flowering bird , possum & insect magnet trees will NOT shade the 3 production 3m x 1.5m beds or obstruct my planned backyard ROR observatory sky horizon sightlines.

Along the front of the bed moving in x direction I will have flowing smaller flowering native shrubs and groundcovers under the taller plants ( planted about 0.5m in ( in S ( or y) direction ):

Grevillea lanigera 'Mt Tamboritha' ( max h = 0.4m is prostrate version )
Fan Flower Scaevolea ‘Superclusters ( max h = 0.3m - creeping ground cover )
Native Hibiscus Alyogyne wrayae ‘Blue Healer’ ( max h = 0.5m - creeping ground cover )
Pratia pedunculata - white star creeper ( max h = 0.1m - ground cover )
Goodenia varia groundcover ( max h = 0.2m )'

Redrew the Hockey Stick bed to 1:25 scale , the gardener will been the drawing to use in designing the automated drip irrigation system along with my plant layout for this bed .

Working on the plant selection and layout for the 9 sqm hockey stick shaped bed tomorrow.
Sorting out the planting plan and sourcing the plants MYSELF is very likely saving me A SMALL FORTUNE as this task is very time consuming , so far it's taken me 5 full days to sort out the preferred and optimal planting plant for the 27 sqm involved in the 6m x 3m and 6m x 1.5m raised beds .

WIll split the planting of the front and back "flower beds" into two separate jobs , so I wont overwhelm the gardening contractor who will be doing to "heavy lifting" - putting tubestock into the ground , laying drip irrigation systems and mulching .
The 6m x 3m bed will likely be sorted before 9 May.

Off Ground Deck Design Project
Started redesign of steel BoxSpan structure for the big off ground deck , will likely go to a 12m x 4.5m deck using 235mm BoxSpans and rather than having steps , I will have the old back steps removed and will have a 6.5m x 1m long steel industrial slip free ramp installed ( my wife and I are not getting any younger and a ramp is more practical for us "oldies" than steps ).
I'm assuming the drop from deck to ground will not be more than 2m .
< gradient 6m ( long ) : 2m ( drop ) ==> Pythagorus tells me ramp LENGTH = 6.32m >
Will be good if the ramp lands about 2m north of the driveway ( if the is sufficient space ) , options'
are :
zgzag ramp with small landing
ramp landing at yard level about 6m north of driveway
cutting unto east side of deck by 1.2m to

The Roll Off Roof Observatory Project
Specs sorted , just need to design, and check if I need a DA , and then source construction materials and a contractor to build it .

I'll have the floor for this off the ground by about 0.2m ( one step ) and will use a smaller BoxSpan Structure to support the converted ( reinforced ) Colorbond garden shed .
The flatpack garden shed's roof will be modified to strengthen it ( BoxSpan base ) and trusswork to support the roofing sheets & some solar panels & a 200 AH battery .
I will use 235mm BoxSpan roof rails to support the roof free stranding from the shed's walls and to fix garage door panel lift V grove channels on each side.
I'll use a sliding gate motor to open and close the roof via a simple wireless link.

The Atlux (my precision computer controlled GOTO GEM) will go on my already made 20cm OD HD thick wall steel pipe pedestal which will fixed to a 1 cubic m concrete footing using ramset bolts and will penetrate but will be isolated from the observatory's floor ( 24mm floor ply ).

A roughly to scale yard layout indicates I can fit the big 12m x 4.5m deck with 6m x 1.2m ramp and my 3m x 2.4m ROR observatory in nicely.


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Plants from SE corner to N end :
Leptospermum liversidgei Mozzie Blocker tea-tree ( max h = 2m )
Grevillea Yamba Sunshine ( max h = 3m )
Fan Flower Scaevolea ‘Superclusters’ Hardenbergia MEEMA™ (ground covering creeper max h = 0.1m )

Plants from SE corner to W end :
Leptospermum liversidgei Mozzie Blocker tea-tree ( max h = 2m ) … on centre line
Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’ ( max h = 0.4m ) … on centre line
Banksia spinulosa ‘Stumpy Gold’ ( max h = 0.5m ) … on centre line

Plants along "front edge" of wide area E to W :
Banksia spinulosa ‘Dwarf Red’ ( max h = 0.8m )
Clustered Everlasting Chrysocephalum apiculatum ‘Silver & Gold’ ground cover creeper ( max h = 0.2m )
Banksia spinulosa 'Honey Pots' ( max h = 1.0m )

I now have my plant list and can place my orders with the selected nurseries , likely in next week or two.

Leaving the lowest 3m x 0.6m bed nearest garage for
min 3 x different blue berry shrubs
>>> Blueberry varieties suit my subtropical climate = Gulfcoast ,Biloxi, Misty and Sharpblue .
a austromyrtus dulcis = midyim berry tree ,
a minimum 3 x different raspberry shrubs
>>> Raspberry varieties suitable = Smoothy Thornless , Autumn Bliss and Williamette .
and perhaps 3 or 4 different finger lime plants.

Will buy these as cuttings or seedlings ( unfortunately a lot of these are currently out of stock and need to be pre-ordered ).

These are all suitable to grow in 30cm to 40cm or larger containers , but will be in the ground .


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26 April Update

Plumber booked to visit and quote some under back of the house cupper pipe extensions + installation of 2 more external taps = tomorrow afternoon.

Double checked my plan spacings and tabulation of my plant list - hoping I can get my 50cm double headed grass tree , as Bunnings have informed me their supplier is out of stock.
I found 2 suppliers in Melbourne and one in Brisbane , no one in NSW has a single plant in stock.
Waiting on quote to ship door to door from the nursey in Brisbane - not holding out much hope .

So I may need to go ahead , order everything else and have these planted leaving a space for the grass tree which will show up maybe in August. ( No biggy .)

I've finalised the plant list with planting coordinates in each bed.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Is now ready to go the gardening contractor so he has his scope of work, and for me to place orders once he quotes labor and materials to do the drip irrigation and planting .


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27 April

Found my 50cm trunk length ( 50 yo ) Johnsonii Grass Tree :D , only one available east of WA & NT borders til September , coming from Brisbane by road (next week).
Not a cheap plant ~ $540 inc deliv.
My wife wants to call the grass tree Cousin It.

Will place my bulk plant tube stock orders this week to be delivered 2nd week may.

Organised plumber to install 2 new 1" copper pipe runs and 2 new exterior taps , next week.

WIll be controlling my irrigation remotely via

with 2 extra of these https://www.holmanindustries.com.au/product/wx1-tap-timer/

Waiting on gardener to get back on quote to establish gardens ( put Johnsonii grass tree & lots of native plants ( as tube stock ) & drip irrigation systems in my 3 big beds , 2nd week May ?

Project Plan


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Supplier in Nth QLD is unable to ship to NSW ( Fire ant biosecurity restrictions ). So I will have to wait til September to get my 50cm trunked double headed "Cousin It" .

1) plumber here on 5 May to install 2 new external taps in my back yard.
2) have ordered 14 plants from Supplier #1 in QLD , ETA here 13 May , they recommend allowing plants 1 week in a shady spot to acclimatize before going into their forever home in the 6m x 3m raised bed ==> 20 May.
3) will order 24 plants from Supplier #2 in Victoria to syncronise ETA's ( they ship out on Mondays ) .

Scheduled gardener on Thursday 20 May
> to deal with planting 38 tube stock plants the 6m x 3m bed
> to install the drip irrigation syst installation in this bed.

My cupper pipe to external taps is 25mm.
==> I'll design
the irrigation in-ground manifolds ( 25mm to 20 mm OD irrigation manifold (high flow capacity feeders ) , aiming for lowest pressure head loss in these larger manifolds
& branch lines ( 12mm OD ? to plants' nozzles ) lay-outs for this bed and nominate nozzle locations
+ sketch up with pipe lengths tonight to make it easier gardener quote installation of the irrigation syst.

Then : .

I will arrange delivery 2 more shipments of plants .of plants for the 6m x 1.5m and the L shaped bed for week ending 21 May. ==> and so booking gardener to return here 28 May
> to deal with planting the 6m x 1.5m & L shaped raised beds
> and to take care of the drip irrigation syst installation in these beds .

Revised schedule


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Update 11 May.

Two new 1" cupper pipe extensions and garden taps installed on Wednesday 5th.

First batch of native plants arrived this afternoon , looked good when I removed them bottoms first first from the shipping box ( I've learnt my lesson about not opening plant shipping boxed to remove the plants using their green bits - easiest way to kill a seedling ).
These came from a specialist nursery on the Sunshine Coast in QLD and are fireant free. ( I have QLD Biosecurity Documentation to prove this - came with the Biosecurity Certificated to prove they were inspected ).

The rest of my natives are coming from a specialist nursery in Melbourne << notified shipped today >> , so I expect these here by Friday.

This means my two level 6m x 3m feature bed will likely be finished by Saturday - if the weather gods are kind to me.


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Update 12 May.

All my pretty natives for my big 6m x 3m feature front raised bed have arrived .

All on my front patio , just managed to squeeze all the seedling tubes into a seedraising tray ( all without breaking anything off the seedlings ).

Have spent the day
1) organising my 3 digital tap timers , not the VX1 wireless ones ( don't want to wait a month for them to arrive ) , so getting two different tap timers
two HOSELINK Digital Tap Timers with built-in rain detectors for the back gardens (mail ordered)
a RAINBIRD Digital Tap Timer for the front bed ( in my big drip irrigation system Bunnings Pick&Collect order ).

Sorted the drip irrigation :
a) running 19mm PolyPipe from the front tap via
a two way vertical bass Pope manifold which will feed off ==> the hose & ==> the Rainbird Digital Tap Timer
==> a pressure reducer ==> inline 19mm filter to the bed = an 8m x 19mm Polypipe main manifold
==> 3 secondary 19mm PolyPipe manifolds branching off the main 19mm PolyPipe that will run along the top of the back sleepers .
b) the secondary 19mm PolyPipe Manifolds will branch off ==> 19mm or 13mm Polypipe that will take water to as close as possible to each plant or cluster of plants in the 6m x 3m bed, all polypipe will be on top of the ground and staked down
c) tertiary feeders branches will come off the 19mm or 13mm polypipe branches ==> VARIFLOW drippers ( 0 - 60 L/hr ) which will be individually adjusted to provide the needs of each plant of cluster ( of small perenials ) , I have 4mm Polytube "raiser" tube if needed ( not anticipated for this bed).
d) I'll have a 19mm polypipe pushon ball-valve to facilitate regular purging / draining if the drip irrigation system at the termination of the main manifold.
e) will run some 13mm polypipe to the small brick bed via a convenient house foundation terracotta vent , running under the house to the pop back out at near the aircon compressor to take water to the old long fallow brick "flower bed" that has been collecting leaves to set up a mini drip irrigation system in this bed to make the front patio look "prettier" and to provide drip irrigation via 4mm polypipe riser tubing to out next batch of veg and herb seeds when I assemble the seed raising racks ,
and to provide water to the Midgyme berry bush ( new ) , the blueberries ( to get ), the pomegranate cuttings (which are still hanging in there ) , and the mulberry sapling , all in 40cm Décor Selfwatering pots .

My Bunnings Pick & Collector has already been placed and I expect will be ready for collection on Friday.
Will have the gardener collect this on his way here to prepare my bed prior to planting the tubestock and then assembling and setting up my drip dip irrigation system ( Saturday ).

Checking to soil chem requirements for my plants, I can get away with neutral to slight acid soil chemistry for all ,and most are very drought tolerant ( so only need extra water when establishing ) .

Also spent the evening checking my plants' pH , soil type, sun and soil moisture requirements . Results = My plant data for the front gardens

Will be cutting back the nasturtiums viciously & keeping some of the cuttings to propagate and establish along the top of my driveway retaining wall.

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