I was Scammed on here.


I searched everywhere to purchase a bearded dragon that my son wanted for the longest time. He was recently diagnosed with Lupus and he was feeling really horrible the past few months. I decided to save up and get him the pet he always wanted and the morph he wanted. I found the perfect dragon on here for sale. I believed this site was trustworthy and had heard good story’s about people buying and selling through here. I emailed this so called breeder and we began texting. I should have lowed my excitement and paid closer attention to the money demands so quickly and him saying I was asking too many question. Any good breeder would happy to answer questions about the animal so they know the person purchasing cares for the animal the best way possible. I realized this was a too good to be true and he told me he had a bunch of other offers so I went ahead and purchased the animal $120 for the dragon and $30 to ship , $150 total. As soon as I paid, conversation got less and less and since it was over the weekend , Monday (today) is when the dragon was suppose to ship. Well low and behold today there is zero answer from this “seller” Nevermind any tracking information. I noticed they have a few other posting on here selling dragons, all under different names. The posting Of the dragon I thought I was buying had the name Helen Moore but sending the $ I found out his name was Knight Brian Austin. The number is the sale on every post though just all different names. PLEASE PLEASE do not be duped like I was. I now am out $150 and bought a tank and all the supplies needed over the weekend for a dragon that never was. Got my sick son who had an idea something was coming for him, finally excited and smiled for the first time in months... just to break his heart over someone who scams the bearded dragon community. Idk what to do next , I have asked numerous times for my $ back but of course zero answers. I am very new to this site and this was a horrible first experience. Please beware of this “seller”...



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I just wanted to let you know that website is not this website. We have nothing to do with "thebeardeddragon.org" and in fact, they copied this sites name due to this site's success.

I'm sorry that you were scammed, but you should perhaps reach out to the administrator of that site, as like I said, that is a completely different website than this one.



BD.org Sicko
Wow, that's terrible, my heart goes out to you. I agree that it wasn't this site, someone mimicking the website name. Soo what method of payment did you use ? C.C or Paypal can be reversed or disputed.


BD.org Sicko
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Wow I am so sorry that happened, but it was definitely not our site here.
As Brandon stated, they mimic this site name & it is easily confused & misrepresented.
Absolutely contact the Admin of that site if at all possible to see if they can help you out.
Let us know how things turn out for you.


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