I think I hurt my beardie by accident


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I was helping my beardie shed by taking off his shedding for him when I start pulling on this one piece I notice my beardie start jerking so I think it’s just stuck shedding so I run it under water and take it off but every time I touch the spot my beardie jerks away and idk what to do other than that he seems normal so I really need some help here


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it is possible that the scales under the shed were damaged, i can't quite tell by the picture you posted. you can put some raw unpasteurized honey (regular honey in the bear container won't work) on the area, which helps fight infection because it has antimicrobial/antibiotic properties. if you do this, make sure there are NO crickets in the cage. if there are, they will go straight for the honey and bite your dragon.

i think you will wind up being ok, but there may be others with more experience than i have that see something in your picture that i don't see.

in general, never "help" them shed. their bodies know what to do and will do so if you leave them alone. stuck shed is talked about a lot more than it actually happens. and when it does, it is usually around a toe or the end of the tail.
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It is hard to determine if there is any damage or not. That area will most likely return to normal
color but right now, it is probably tender or just sensitive for a short period of time.
I wouldn't bathe him for a few days to a week just to let his skin heal up some. I think he will be
just fine.


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