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Hey everyone, I was just thinking that maybe I want an iguana instead of a bearded dragon for a first time reptile. I don't know yet. All I know is that I need some help with the materials and care I would need to give it if I get one. Please help! Thank you! :D


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Check out http://www.greenigsociety.org for great info on iguana care. Although, I will warn you, Iguanas are not for beginners. They do not make a good first reptile. Aggressive reptiles never make good first reptiles. I would go with a beardie first. And once your beardie is a little older, you can invest in an iggy. Iguanas are very expensive to keep and are pretty high maintenance.
But if you are sure an iggy is for you, definatly do a lot of research. Also, there is an amazing book about iguana care, and it is good to have around the house for a quick reference. It is called "Green Iguana: the ultimate owners manual" written by James Hatfield.
If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a message. I have had iguanas for years. I love them, once they are handled out of the aggressive stage, they are wonderful companions.


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Wow! After I read that site I am thinking that a bearded dragon might be better. Silly me. :oops: I still might get one after LOTS more research! :study: :study: :study:


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Hi Sam,
I have a 3.5 foot iguana and several beardies. (Turtles, dogs and fish too!). I can offer you some insight on both pets. Igs are great but they grow to an enormous size when well cared for.. I rescue iguanas and some have been in horrible living situations because their owners did not anticipate their huge size. They can also be very aggressive if they are not handled or if they are sexually mature and "frustrated". The food, vitamin, lighting,housing and attention are all key ingredients for having a healthy and happy ig.

Although my iguana "Sophia" is very loving with me, she is not friendly to others in my family. In addition to giving the other family members the "stink eye", she opens her mouth
blows up her dewlap and tail whips people who try to get near her. She is a mommy's girl :). Needless to say, it is hard to find her a pet sitter. The igs each have unique personalities. I would suggest that you visit. Greeniguana.org

I'd suggest that you adopt a beardie for your first pet. They also require special care but their size is a little more manageable.
Hope this helps :)
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