I haven't gone anywhere....

I ordered things to the house for them so that's why you haven't had any vlogs yet but I didn't forget.
Rocky feels like Rocky again so I it was either me or he needed to sleep it off with his brumation - which is his semi-brumation.
Before we get into the fall and winter seasons, I want to get one good video of a Rocky adventure. Please do not expect anything from Ruby unless it's from his grandparents' house because while Ruby is great in holding on, I can see him nipping someone just because he thinks it's funny. Depending on the day, I might too!
Oh Rocky... my plan is to just have Rocky with me and keep my phone out like a typical day. I will be scared to record but I will announce that I am doing it and let's see what happens.


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That will be a fun video!
Ruby said he would NEVER nip anyony who didn't deserve it .... or got to close... or had a bug .... or looked at him funny ... or didn't look at him ..... 😁


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Having two "kids" is hard, LOL
Why didn't anyone tell me?!
Oh. I am back......
I just posted 2 videos from when I went to home depot- 2 very different reactions. One Rocky was totally ignored and the other, the girl jumped back when she looked up. Her coworker called her over and thought it was funny. He proceeded to tell me about his leopard gecko.
I just finished have a discussion with Ruby. I can't wait to post that video. I think that one came out cute. I will wait so I don't spam everyone.
I hope everyone is doing well.


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I love the videos, i go check them out every few day. I subscribed to your channel so they show up in my feed on youtube 🙂


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No thank you!!! 😁
With all the problems we see here it's fun to see beardies in good shape, and just to see the personality other beardies besides our own have.

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Clapton is acclimating okay I think. He's quick as lightning so I'm not sure how much I should bring him out of his house yet. He's not at all interested in his salad though. I wonder if I should change what I'm giving him. Least he's eating his crickets.

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Hi everyone, I have a question please. I have a thick branch I got from outside. It has been in freezing temperatures so I know that it is insect free. I took it off the ground and sat it up during a night we got down to 15 so the entire thing would freeze. Well tonight I put white vinegar all over it too cleanse it since it won't fit in my oven. Do I need to rinse with water tomorrow or is it fine left alone dried?

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