I’m questioning the placement of the uvb; looking for feedback.


Hi all. I just adopted Blaze this past weekend. He is two months old. He eats dubia dusted with Repashy Calcium Plus as well as arugula, kale, butternut squash, occasional bits of a blueberry or a strawberry.

He lives in the 4x2x2 Dubia enclosure. He has an Arcadia ProT5 12% mounted under screen. Two Arcadia halogen bulbs at 100 and 75. Basking temp reaches 99. I have to raise his basking spot further up to heat but I feel this would be way too much uvb for him.

Should I take the uvb out and place it on top of screen?

Thank you. Attached is a picture of his set up.


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with that bulb and it being mounted inside the tank, the distance should be 12-15 inches directly above the basking spot.


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The best option is to give a couple or three different levels so they can choose what they like. If uvb is to much or they have had enough they'll move 🙂

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