Hydration/Food concern (winter)


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Hey guys my Chubbs is up and about today after being in her hide for almost 2 weeks so I let her bask and decided to give her a bath. She drank very little water which I'm guessing is ok since she drank a ton the last 3 times I have given her one and also pooped.

It dawned on me that she seems to be spotty in her activity level this winter yet my Amber hasn't been out since the middle of October besides vet visits. Should I force Amber to wake up or should I just allow her to do her and play it by ear? Amber did start her brumation period late probably due to her having clutches and wanting to fill her fat reserves for winter? Chubbs on the other hand retreated and was in her brumation stage at least almost 1 month before Amber so I'm thinking it's why she is spotty.

My Vet said they both have enough weight to allow them to stay in their hides if they wanted to which seems that's what Amber is doing at the moment. I do check on her few times a day I peek into her hide and she is sleeping sometimes or is sleepy but not sleeping completely

Note: My last few crickets died 2 days ago and only got mealworms/superworms should that suffice till Tuesday? (If Chubbs doesn't go back to sleep in 2 days like last time😅)


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Amber will get up and get back to normal when she feels the time is right. Let her do her thing, she's knows more about what she should be doing than you or I do :)

That's what I figured she is almost 4yrs old and this is her first brumation of any kind so it feels extremely odd for me to see her slow down this winter.

Chubbs is older and she slows down every winter and I'm used to that by now lol

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