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Hey everyone! My girl Apricot is a little over a year old and seems to have a big appetite right now. This morning she had her daily salad and 6 Dubia roaches, and seemed satisfied. About 45 minutes ago I caught her on camera munching on one of her fake plants. Luckily being home I went right in and removed the plant. I don’t think she ate too much, but I will keep an eye on her. She was clearly hungry, so I gave her some extra greens and squash, as well as a hornworm to help her fill up. Do beardies her age go through growth spurts where they eat more like a kid/teenager would?

AHBD Sicko
Well it's good that she likes greens ! Beardie appetites vary but some love food more than others. Give her a good sized salad every day but now you will have to take the fake plants out ASAP. I can't have those in my beardie tanks either, as pretty as they might look my guys would munch on them too and so they are a no go. :)

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