How to chop up/serve collard/mustard greens easily?

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As the title states, i would love to know a quick and easy way to chop up and serve collard/mustard greens quickly and easily? Every day i have to make sure he doesnt get any big stems, or too big of pieces. Its kind of a pain.

P.s i get organic greens that come in bundles of large leaves.


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I just tear mine apart into small pieces, I don't cut them up, that way I can avoid the long stems all together. Also, I tear up enough for 2-3 days and keep it that way in a people bowl, then put the bowl into a large ziplock baggie in the refrigerator. The torn pieces do not seem to go limp in the ziplock and I don't have to do it daily. Every morning I just sprinkle some small cut pieces of spaghetti squash, carrot, or butternut squash on the dragon size serving of greens.
He eats the greens and gets variety every day in the type of sprinkled veggies he gets on his greens, and I don't have to prepare the greens every morning, and it's really simple to just tear the greens instead of cutting them…win/win/win.

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I roll the leaves into a tube and cut several at once. I cut the tube like sushi, so it only takes a few chops to do 1-4 leaves. I keep it in a Tupperware in the fridge.

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I tear the leaves too, just picking the pieces away from the stems. I chop other veggies like bell peppers and squash into small worms or squares though.


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I use a small 1 cup food processor to chop mine up for my little buddy. it only cost me like 15 bucks, and does a really good job


I just tear mine as well. But i'm thinking of picking up a 1 1/2 cup food processor from walmart today to give that a try. They have some for like 10 bucks so I figure it's worth trying.


I don't get it? It takes about 30 seconds to tear up a leaf and put it in the dish, how is that a pain?
If you are worried about the size of the pieces, don't, it is not an exact science.


Today I used my magic bullet. ;) I added a tiny bit of water to get it going and pulsed it a few times. Worked like a charm! I poured it through a strainer and got nicely chopped leaves (for a baby beardie!).

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I do mine in the food processer with broccoli, squash, pepper, and green beans..chops them all and I do enough for a week. Then if I want to add variety, I have the salad I can add carrot and fruit to.
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