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We have a dragon who is about 14 months. We have had him about 6 weeks. He loves his protein - perks right up as soon as a superworm or cricket is put in his tank. (We feed him predominantly supers these days). It is clear his greens are his least favorite. He also loves that Flukers Bearded Dragon Buffet. He was actually trying to eat the pellets through the jar yesterday. I know the 80/20 rule but I don't know how to follow it. Anyone care to tell me how to combine supers, pellets, and greens into a good diet for our guy? Thanks!

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Often the trick with the greens is variety. Try a few items in each salad and rotate it until you find something that's a hit. I've had good luck with turnip greens and squash. Chopped green beans are also popular. The transition should be gradual so be patient. If he is a healthy weight and continues to insist on bugs only you could try withholding bugs and offering nice big salads every day for some tough love. I use this list for ideas on what to add to salads.
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