How long does brumination last?


Hi, paranoid beardie owner here- just a quick question about semi brumination. My 1 year old has been on/off bruminating since November and a few days ago he got active and then went back to sleeping all day. Since it’s March I thought he’d be coming out of it by now? Is this normal behavior? When he’s not sleeping he does eat and bask some. Hot side is 100 deg and cool side is 80. Reptisun 10 HO T5 11 inches from basking spot inside the tank.


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It takes them a few weeks to brumate, but sometimes it takes almost a month and a half to brumate. How long is his light off at night? It might be because he's tired so he goes to sleep?


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His light is on from 7:30 a to 8:30 pm so I think he's getting enought sleep. He's been on an off bruminating for 3 months now.

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Okay. So it actually last from a few weeks to up to four months.
Deep sleep brumation should not last longer than 3 months- semi brumation can be sleeping from a week to off and on where they will sleep for a week then come out bask may or may not eat then maybe go back to sleep again for a few days or another week- depends on the dragon


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Up to 4 months is correct. One of mine does it every year with no issues. When they start waking they can be slow about it and not always waiting to be awake full days or eating big meals. As long as he is eating and basking enough to digest it just give him some more time and he should start acting like normal soon enough.


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Hazel my female baby beardie and Warrior my male baby rescue
Mine hasn't brumate yet because my is only tiring 5 months old tomorrow but I know that it last up to 4 months

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