how bonding is going

i read on here that taking them out like an hour before there lights go outis good bonding since they are tired so i thought i would try it with my new beardie. ive had him for almost 2 weeks and hes around 7 or 8 weeks old. he sat hanging out on my chest for a bit but i noticed him sinking down like he was getting sleepy. i kept my hand on his body to help keep him warm and he seemed very comfortable. he started to do what i saw someone call the "wiggle" where he nuzzled his head against me. he found a wrinkle in my shirt to lay his head against and took a nap. i think he slept for 15+ minutes. Im really glad hes so comfortable with me and we are already making progress like that. i wasnt able to get a picture due to him hiding his head but i promise it was adorable lol.

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