He's Improving!


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This would count as a health report for Maya. No questions for today.

For the past two to three days, I have noticed that Maya's health is improving each day. Some days, he'll have flare ups from his arthritis. Every day isn't the same. I'm proud of him. He's starting become a little more active now. He will turn around on his box and climb down from the box onto his blue bear- I added this so he'll be able to climb down right now as I don't have the rocks I intended to use for him since the mildew that was on them did not wash off. It's either stained. I don't know. I'll look for some things that won't break the glass or create a problem with his tray tables. I haven't been able to get a table thanks to new circumstances with my car Thursday afternoon and also having to pay for a sink handle insert as well. So, goodbye all of my savings for him. I can plan all I want. But, it never works out in my favor.

So, he'll walk back and forth, glass dancing. Using his both of his front legs to arm wave. He has eaten a plate of greens with my help. He perches himself up now instead of having me perch him on my fingers. He sits up on his front legs. But, he does get exhausted after his bout of activity and will wait for me to help him up to his basking spot.
He also has hornworms and I'll be checking to see if his phoenix worms are ok. They arrived at the PO after they closed and I didn't get the message for their arrival via gmail. I hope they're all alive. If not, I wasted more money.
I tossed the old dubias. He is more interested in worms now.

I do know that he's now digesting his food properly, getting his nutrients from his food. He used to poo every day without fail. Now he goes like once or twice a week. He may need a probiotic and have to buy them for gut health. Oh, and his poop is formed.


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That is wonderful to hear he is doing so well now. I hope your phoenix worms were fine. As long
as they weren't in extreme heat or cold they should have been fine. At least he is eating right now.
I agree, it's always terrific to see positive health reports!
It sounds like he is more active now, so I'm sure that he is very happy now! Keep up the great job
with him. You can update anytime for us.
Definitely a probiotic is always helpful for them, too.


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