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My wife and I have had our BD for less than a week now and this moring I couldn't get it to eat and was setting on the couch and noticed that it was running around acting normal, then it stared shaking its head and pucked up something that was fairly large for its size, should we take it to the vet? its about 8 1/2 inches long, the tamp and the cool side stays 75 to 80 humidity @ 35, on the hot side temp between 90 and 100 and humidity @ 40. Thanks for the help.
Are you saying that it ate something that you think is to large for it? You shouldn't be feeding it anything larger then the space between it's eyes "or even having it available" and by shaking do you mean like twitching or just moving it's head while it was eating. Well if you are just saying that it ate something you think is to large I would just wait and see if it passes it ok, if he is having trouble passing it or his rear legs seem to become paralized then you should worry and probably just give it a warm soak and see if you can help it pass it and if you can't then it might be time for the vet. Also if you are talking more of a twitch than a shake it is the first sign of mbd or a calcium deficiency and should make sure that you are giving it proper calcium supplements and uvb lighting, I recomend using reptical non phosphorus calcium supplement and a reptisun 10 uvb light but only the tube type as the compacts have been known to have some problems.


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He hasnt eat since last night and should be getting the right amount of calcium, crikets are gut loaded and dusted, it was about 15 mins after i tried feding him that he stated shaking and pucked. he pucked up a mass of something i guess kind of like a cat when it hacks up a hair ball. not sure what it should look like when they do vomit. and no it hasnt eaten anything to large. and now its staying under its basking spot.


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the lights we are using are a 100w sun glo basking lamp by exo terra, a 26w repti glo 10.0 uvb compact bulb, and a 75w or 100w infared buld for nite time use. and it would never stay on the basking side for no more than 10 min at a time it prefers the rock we have on the cool side of the tank. should we have a uvb light going across the entire top or is one on the cool side sufficent enough. we have read and been told both.
Upon a closer inspection of what was thrown up it was a pile of crickets.
First off the reptiglo 10 has been known to cause problems and also any compact is known to cause eye problems, I would recomend getting a reptisun 10 tube light and that will more than likely cover most of the length of the cage and make sure that your dragon can get to within six inches from it. The first thing that you should do for the regurgitation is raise your basking temp up to 110 and see if this aids in its digeation and you might also want to get a fecal exam done to rule out parasites because this could also be the issue but more than likwly your temps are just to low. oh and by the way there is no need for a night light, if your temps drop below 65 at night I would recomend getting a ceramic heat emitter as it gives off no light.


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hey and welcome to
fantastic site you have found here

right well i agree with above poster the reptiglo 10.0 compact is bad all round, the fact is a reptiglo and compact i would definitely invest in a reptisun 10.0 or at leat a reptisun 5.0 and its got to be the flouresent long tube.
i would say he couldnt digest them as of improper temps, cool side about 80f, warm side about 90-95f and basking spot about 100-110f
am pretty much going to repeat the above as getting temps and light correct is crucial.
no light at night is necessary as it will interrupt their sleeping and that can cause problems, if it is dropping below 65f then definitely get a heat emitter, ive got one for both my dragons and it keeps them at a nice comfy temperature at night and in complete darkness!
i too would agree with taking it to the vet to get a fecal done in case it is parasites or worms, they can both cause this type of thing.
as for the shaking of the head it could simply be that he couldnt bring the crix up very well so shaking maybe helped that but again you could get it to a vets and they will let you know.
i wish you and your beardie the best of luck! they are such rewarding and endearing little creatures to own!


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What are you using to measure the temp in our viv? It sounds like a dial or stick on since you quoted a range. If so, you will want to invest in a digital or temp gun. The dial and stick thermometers are know to be off, and if your viv is not hot enough, it can cause improper digestion of food. Please keep us posted and hope all is well.

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