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Help needed. Building my first enclosure.


So we are in the very beginning stages of building our first 4x2x2 enclosure for our 6 month old beardie Enzo. We wanted to build the enclosure out of birch or oak plywood. Problem is our local stores are constantly out of those two. All we can find is Pine plywood. Now I know Pine is toxic to bearded dragons so my question is can I use pine plywood and just seal it or will that still be toxic to him?
Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


BD.org Sicko
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As long as it's sealed you will be fine. The only difference between the oak or birch will be the look.. Birch and oak plywood are still basically pine plywood, they just have a thin veneered sheet of the oak/birch on the outside of the pine.



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Thank you. Is there a specific sealant I need to use for the pine? And should I apply the Sealant several times? Or just once?
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